Richer Systems Group Inc. (RSG), a leader in software solutions for the fleet management industry, is pleased to announce PRIMMS, a full service transportation management and maintenance specialist for the food distribution industry, is the latest transportation services provider to implement the enrich system.

The partnership will allow PRIMMS to fully integrate their business processes. With enrich, PRIMMS has access to the complete range of functionality offered by the system and will take advantage of the enrich Shop, Electronic Time Keeping, Barcoding, Asset Management, Lease and Maintenance contract management, fuel billing and consolidating billing.

"We saw enrich as the only business system that would allow us to integrate all facets of our operation," says Joe Lipka, Vice President of Finance, PRIMMS. "Once implemented, the integration will allow us to continue to improve service to our customers."

"Our partnerships with industry leaders contribute to our success at providing leading-edge solutions for the transportation industry," adds Eric Richer, President of Richer Systems Group, Inc. "We are pleased to have PRIMMS join the enrich community of users."

Comprehensive functionality, complete integration and simplified IT administration are the hallmarks of the enrich software system. Customers can deploy the enrich software modules, in whole or in part, to meet the unique requirements of each enterprise. PRIMMS is scheduled to go live late 2006 following a six month implementation and training phase.

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