Consumers are now shopping for what they want, when they want, where they want and paying as little as they want. Online shopping is enabling buyers with unprecedented choice and access to merchandise. Retail power is shifting from the supply to the demand end of the value chain. The name of the game is rapidly becoming "B2Me"!

Yet there is still one missing link that consumers don't quite yet control. It's how they actually get possession of their goods. Shoppers don't yet get to choose which carrier they would prefer to deliver their package to their door - Or to another location of their choice - And/or maybe at an odd time of day. But new accommodations are coming. In fact, to meet the growing demands of digitally empowered consumers, new delivery and "hand-off" tools are "e-rupting" everywhere.

PostalVision 2020/5.0 will explore the growing significance of consumer-centric delivery practices for successful ecommerce transactions. We will examine innovative developments by established carriers and unveil the inventions of start-ups.

To set-up our powerful e-Commerce Delivery session Amine Khechfe of Endicia will introduce Accenture's global postal practice lead, Brody Buhler, to present views on "Big Bang Disruption" in the postal industry. Business Insider Senior Analyst Cooper Smith will validate the trend towards "B2Me" with data and analysis. Gary Reblin, The Postal Service's VP New Products and Delivery with talk about the Future of Delivery at USPS, while Matt Swain of InfoTrends will share consumer views of "cluster-boxes". Ole Nordhoff of DHL Parcel will show us how they are already delivering medical supplies with their autonomous "parcelcopter" in Germany. Supply chain packaging innovation will be presented by Bell and Howell's CEO, Ramesh Ratan and consumer oriented parcel locker innovations will be introduced by industry leader Keba of Austria as well as start-up SwapBox of San Francisco.

E-Commerce Delivery is just one exciting segment of PostalVision 2020/5.0, where we will be considering the forces of "Customers - Connections - Collaboration" in the successful reinvention of the global postal ecosystem.

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