CarrierDirect, a leading advisory firm for transportation and logistics companies, today announces the release of its latest white paper, “The Case for Lowering LTL Limits of Liability,” which illustrates why it is in the best interest of 3PLs to work with carriers and reduce limits of liability to $1 per pound in the LTL arena. 

In the white paper, CarrierDirect describes the key points that will cast 3PLs in a favorable light to ultimately forge stronger, more strategic partnerships with LTL carriers. Delivering an analysis of effective procedures for partnership, the company outlines specific strategies 3PLs can utilize to better serve carriers, by identifying and working to solve the issues that complicate the existing liability landscape.

“Limits of liability are a nagging pain point for carriers, leaving a clear path for 3PLs to offer an alternate solution and seize the opportunity to become a trusted, cooperative partner,” said Erik Malin, Executive Vice President at CarrierDirect. “We’ve explored the current liability system and determined it could very well be the most imperative issue when determining LTL carrier contracts. Any 3PL willing to suggest lowering carrier limits of liability and offering cargo insurance as the best solution will instantly elevate themselves amongst all competitors.”

As expounded on within the white paper, CarrierDirect outlines the differentiators between leading, successful 3PLs and those left without access to LTL capacity. To read the full report, visit  

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