Frankenthal, July 15th 2015 – The growing quantity of transported goods keeps causing traffic jams at many transshipment points of the logistical chain. With the logistics platform AX4 which links ports, traffic and logistics centers with incoming traffic the Frankenthal-based software company AXIT now has an IT solution in their portfolio which defuses the situation. 

In order for logistic centers and their surrounding traffic infrastructure not to become a bottleneck for incoming and outgoing flows of goods it makes sense to optimize their utilization using predictable supply control. This becomes possible by making upstream transport processes visible for a logistics center’s operations at an early stage.

“Information in advance on expected shipment volumes makes it easier to dispatch available resources at the logistics location and to best utilize transshipment capacities”, Holger Schmitt, AXIT’s CEO, describes the IT solution’s principle. “Movements of goods within and outside the transshipment location become transparent and can thus be managed better – without traffic jams at the ramp or at the sorting facility.”

The basis of the IT solution for better capacity planning and avoiding traffic jams at the same time is the logistics IT platform AX4. As cloud-based technology it networks logistics centers, forwarders and carriers as well as shippers and consignees through the web without them having to fulfill any special system requirements for its use.

The Control Tower function allows the logistics center to see at the push of a button which transports and shipments are incoming. This information is available as early as possible and thus gives enough time for planning in the logistics center. Additionally, definite time slots for deliveries can be arranged with the forwarders.

With Dock and Yard Management by AXIT’s new owner Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics now even transports within the large logistics depots can be managed optimally. Also this contributes in avoiding traffic jams and in reducing coordination efforts. Subsequent processes within a logistics center are relieved and thus become more efficient.

The options which the IT instrument offers to operators of logistics centers are described in a whitepaper by AXIT which can be requested free of charge at