INDIANAPOLIS (March 9, 2016)- enVista, a leading global supply chain consulting and IT services firm, today announces a strategic partnership with 2PL Advisors, a logistics and transportation advisory company. Under this partnership, 2PL Advisors will leverage enVista’s leading carrier contract analysis and negotiation services, freight audit and payment services and enVista’s proprietary software solution for freight audit, myShipINFO®, to help 2PL Advisors’ clients obtain greater transportation visibility, analytics and savings.

    2PL Advisors President and CEO Ryan Holland said, “The partnership fits very well with the value we currently bring to our customers. Our customers trust us to bring them the best transportation solutions, and our partnership with enVista allows us to deliver a wider range of transportation expertise and results. Our clients will benefit from enVista’s leading freight audit and payment capabilities, visibility tools and vast experience with carrier contract negotiations in order to attain greater transportation savings and visibility.”

    enVista Vice President of Transportation Sales Doug Kahl said, “We look forward to partnering with 2PL Advisors to extend the value they deliver to their clients. Our companies are very much aligned in our focus on delivering client value and results, and we are excited that more companies will be able to better see and manage their transportation spend through this partnership.”

    2PL Advisors works with large and mid-sized companies to analyze and evaluate domestic freight transportation and connect them with the right freight carriers and solutions without any fees or brokerage.

    enVista’s carrier contract and analysis capabilities regularly deliver cost savings of 5 – 20 percent for clients. As part of the company’s freight audit and payment services, enVista audits more than 2,000 unique carriers in 25 countries and in multiple languages.

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    About 2PL Advisors

    2PL Advisors is a transportation advisory company born from the idea that great shippers work best with great freight carriers. The freight industry is highly fragmented with multiple carrier options all with varying levels of service, reliability and pricing. It can be difficult knowing which carriers are the right fit and if your pricing and service is the best that it can be- that’s where we come in. Our mission is simple: Connect the right shippers with the right freight carriers. We focus on freight contract negotiation and we’re changing the way shippers undertake the process. Unlike brokers and 3PL’s, our customers work directly with carriers and are invoiced directly by carriers and unlike transportation consultants there is: No cost to the shipper. By saying no cost, we mean no cost: no upfront costs, no contingency fees, nothing at all. Our experience and expertise in the freight industry allows us to provide customers with independent, unbiased advice and service. We are here to partner with great shippers to bring them the best carriers. For more information, visit

    About enVista

    enVista is a leading global supply chain consulting and IT services firm, delivering innovative solutions that improve profitability, enhance customer service and reduce waste from source to consumption. enVista’s unrivaled consulting experience, deep vertical industry expertise and comprehensive solutions portfolio enable clients to leverage one strategic partner that consults, implements and operates across supply chain, transportation, retail, IT and ERP. For more information, visit