Lehi, UT—ShipCaddie Solutions has launched a new shipping software that allows users to send, track and manage shipments throughout the globe. Similar to other platforms, like ShipStation or ProShip, ShipCaddie acts as the primary technology hub for moving products from point A to B.

However, according to Founder and CEO Shaun Rothwell, ShipCaddie provides data tools and reporting that has yet to be seen in the marketplace. For instance, ShipCaddie’s cost transparency function provides breakdowns of surcharges and extra fees that get factored into each shipment before a user ships that package.

“This level of visibility is meant to enhance rate-shopping and carrier selections while retaining important data for down-the-road rate negotiations with FedEx, UPS and other carriers,” says Rothwell.

ShipCaddie’s research and development team spent two years focus-grouping users of the most popular platforms. According to Rothwell, the biggest complaint was an overly-complicated user interface resulting in user frustration and lost productivity. Rothwell attributes this to software companies’ poor product management and insufficient customer feedback programs that would otherwise bring these issues to light.

“ShipCaddie certainly resolves this with our aggressive continuous improvement model and the simple fact that our program was essentially built based on our competitors’ customer feedback,” says Rothwell.

As an operating partner of iDrive Logistics, ShipCaddie employs a unique business model that allows it to offer more sophisticated features at lower costs, compared to competition. This includes providing users with unlimited shipping accounts with virtually any carrier, unlimited ship-from locations and unlimited user profiles with live support as well as 6-month free trials at no extra cost. To top it off, because of its unique set-up, ShipCaddie can extend special USPS pricing to qualified companies and provide complimentary advisory services from seasoned shipping experts.

“We’re about as excited as one can get to be taking this to market. After studying everything that’s out there now, we believe our platform is a no-brainer. And we’re excited to show everyone why,” says Rothwell.

Shippers can sign up for a 6-month free trial by clicking here. Trial offer expires after July 31.