TROY, MICH. (March 15, 2017) – AutoGuide, a leading provider of mobile robots, will showcase its new version of AVINU™, a traffic management software that optimizes the movement of any automated equipment, features open architecture for universal integration and provides in-depth reports about cycle times, battery levels, errors and more.

“Our Java-based AVINU 3.0 is one of the only traffic management systems in the market that is open architecture, giving our customers ultimate flexibility because it integrates easily with any Warehouse Management and Control Systems, even home-grown systems,” said Sarah Carlson, Vice President of AutoGuide Mobile Robots. “AVINU can also manage all moving equipment regardless of manufacturer. It’s so versatile and easy-to-use that we are selling it as a stand-alone product.”

AutoGuide will also launch a new wireless push button which works with AVINU 3.0 to call and release Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) with a simple button push. The durable device can be mounted to a wall or forklift for plug-in power or operate as a battery-operated handheld tool. The cost-effective button takes the place of expensive PLCs for simple job scheduling.

In addition, the company will reveal plans for MAX U-2, a new, high-capacity tugger AGV capable of towing 15,000 pounds. Priced to be the most affordable vehicle of its kind in the market, the unit is designed, engineered and constructed by AutoGuide to deliver the fastest payback in the industry, often in a year or less.

Modular Design

Like all AutoGuide products, the new tugger is constructed with standard components that can be easily accessed for routine maintenance or repairs. Its modular design enables it to be configured with different components to accommodate specific handling needs. AutoGuide will release both man-aboard and forked configurations of the tugger base unit later in the year.

MAX U-2 will be built and stocked in AutoGuide’s state-of-the-art assembly plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, which allows the vehicle to be delivered in weeks instead of months. This allows customers to start increasing productivity and grow their bottom lines sooner.

About AutoGuide

AutoGuide, a Heartland Automation Solutions Company, designs and manufactures mobile robots for businesses that need to move materials efficiently and effectively in nearly every industry. It is one of the only companies to stock cost-effective Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for quick delivery and fast payback. AutoGuide has a manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Ky., and a testing and demonstration facility in Troy, Mich. For more information, visit