CAMBRIDGE, MA—May 24, 2017—QubeVu, creator of the world’s fastest dimensioning technology, just made it easier for warehouse, distribution center, and shipping managers to install one of its sub-second, certified accurate-on-any-shape dimensioning systems. With no money down, and for as little as $185/month, companies can reap the financial benefits and operational efficiencies of dimensioning.

Omar Dajani, QubeVu Sales Director, calls the lease-to-own program empowering, designed for customers who want to dimension their parcel stream without waiting for capital budget approvals. “With our affordable lease-to-own program, companies can start dimensioning immediately. The ROI is fantastic – no capital outlay, low monthly payments, and full ownership at the end of the lease.” Dajani points out that QubeVu’s service contract can be rolled into the lease so that the full cost of ownership is one single monthly payment.

Dajani expects QubeVu’s innovative lease-to-own program to increase the already high demand for QubeVu systems, accelerating company growth. “There is no doubt that dimensioning is here to stay and forward-thinking companies don’t want to invest in thirty-year old technology. We just made the world’s fastest, easiest-to-use, most reliable dimensioner even more affordable,” says Dajini.

For more information about QubeVu’s lease-to-own program go to or call 888-257-3879.

Completely unlike the “dim-osaurs” of the past, QubeVu offers the world's fastest dimensioning, certified accuracy on any shape, and class-leading simplicity. QubeVu's patented technology can scan any package in any orientation, and even takes a photo of every item for tracking and claim protection. With QubeVu's quick setup, compact footprint, and XML-based API integration – plus plug and play compatibility with popular shipping software – you'll be up and running in no time. No wonder Qubevu is Parcel Forum’s Game Changer of the Year dimensioning solution. For more information about QubeVu, go to