AUSTIN, Texas – (Dec. 19, 2017) – Businesses that ship time-sensitive overnight packages are receiving the gift of good news from regional carrier LSO: a freeze on 2018 express delivery shipping rates.

In contrast to large global carriers, which are raising 2018 prices an average net of 4.9 percent starting this month, LSO, the South’s leading regional parcel carrier, will hold 2018 express rates at the 2017 level.

“LSO enjoys tremendous loyalty from its customers, many of them small and mid-sized shippers, and we wanted to show our appreciation to them in a tangible way,” said Brad Mitchell, LSO’s chief commercial officer. “Holding time-sensitive express delivery rates steady was doable, and it will help them control their costs at a time when other carriers continue to raise rates. If that helps customers meet the needs of their end customers and grow, LSO will grow with them.”

Reliability, Quality and Price

As online shopping has increased, regional carriers like LSO are giving businesses reliable, economical options for parcel delivery, especially when the shipment is critical and time-sensitive.

LSO, which routinely ranks among the best carriers for on-time arrival and damage prevention, already charges express customers on average 25 percent less than global carriers. Earlier this month, the Postal Regulatory Commission gave the U.S. Postal Service permission to speed up its price increases as well. LSO’s price freeze on express services will mean a cost savings of up to 30.5 percent compared to global carriers in LSO’s operation region.

LSO also will maintain its dimensional weight format for all ground packages that are one cubic foot or less in volume for the second consecutive year. Last year, most global carriers increased prices for small parcels by lowering the dimensional divisor or “dim” factor from 166 to 139, effectively raising rates.

“LSO will retain its attractive pricing structure for all ground packages with a DIM divisor of 166 while continuing to provide the best, most cost-effective options for customers,” Mitchell said.

“This news from LSO comes at a really good time for shippers,” said Shipware Chief Executive Officer Rob Martinez. “Many of them are currently dealing with the first large holiday surcharges from UPS and FedEx, and in just a few weeks, the 4.9% yearly increase will take effect.”

About LSO

LSO, headquartered in Austin, is the South’s premier regional parcel carrier. LSO provides reliable, efficient Parcel and Final Mile delivery services in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and southeastern New Mexico, plus the country of Mexico. LSO Parcel™ and LSO Final Mile™ provide same-day, next-day, scheduled and day-definite guaranteed deliveries, along with live customer support. LSO has among the highest reliability records and lowest damage rates in the industry. For more information, email, visit or call 1-800-800-8984.