You are all aware that there are many ways that warehouse management affects your operation, and without question, choosing the right partner can make the difference. During peak times and overall as your business continues to grow, your warehouse will require a more efficient process to help fulfill orders. No company wants to deal with slow processes, increased costs, and the eventual loss of customers. The right partner will help streamline your warehouse, making it an efficient part of your overall supply chain — and maybe even a profit center. But the selection process to find a partner can be a bit overwhelming; after all, there are a lot of options out there, and over time, you may need to review your choices. In this sponsored content piece, we are putting the spotlight on a select number of the industry’s solution providers that will help your warehouse processes succeed. When you reach out to them, let them know you saw them in PARCEL.


Founded in 1989, ASC has extensive experience in solving complex supply chain challenges for some of the world’s largest companies. These global companies include food and beverage manufacturers, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and highly-complex high-volume 3PLs.

Designed by supply chain professionals, ASCTrac® is an award-winning solution. It has won “Top 10 WMS of all Solutions for 2018,” “Top 100 Logistics Solution” for over 15 years, and several others. It is an affordable “best-of-breed” supply chain execution solution flexible enough for any size business for manufacturing, distribution, and/or 3PL. Being agile and flexible, ASCTrac® can connect to any system, subsystem, or any finance system for a total collaborative solution — or it can function totally independent.

Some of our customers use the ASCTrac ® solution for extreme heavy-duty operations. For example, ASCTrac® will easily support shipment volumes over 170,000 orders per day in situations where 100% accuracy is the only acceptable solution. In combination with ASC’s warehouse control system module (WCS), automated picking is seamlessly integrated for high-volume customer orders. Or, add any one of the 30 optional modules to complement your supply chain system. Throughout planning, execution, and financial, ASCTrac® “Connects the Dots in Your Supply Chain”®.


Since 2006, Engineering Innovation, Inc. (Eii) has been a market leader in the development of workflow automation solutions for rapid package processing. Eii’s hardware and software systems enable clients to enhance effectiveness while reducing shipping and operational expense.

As more consumers expect faster, more affordable shipping, Eii provides warehouse solutions that can scale as you do. With several modular and linear designs, Eii offers your operation a smaller footprint with an easier, more cost-effective installation. Whether you need a custom configuration that adapts to your current system or a whole new setup, Eii can find an automated processing solution that fits your budget.

Eii provides warehouse solutions that utilize scan, print, apply and sortation technology to your workflow to facilitate the receiving, storing, shipping, and the delivering of goods. We organize complex business logic into simple operator workflow, making it easy to act on the information you capture so you can respond precisely to your customers and the market.

Eii warehouse solutions include: EZ-WorkDesk and Chameleon Parcel Sortation platforms for high speed processing of parcels for induction into both warehouse and shipping distribution networks. The versatile LightSort Sorting Solutions give you the flexibility to choose from a wide array of options to increase accuracy and efficiency with put, pick and sort-to-light capabilities.


Interlink Technologies is a leading Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) provider focused on technology that improves warehouse operations to increase profitability and productivity for small, medium and large size organizations. Real-time inventory tracking and location/quantity information are just the beginning of the functionality provided by Interlink’s warehouse management.

Following your business rules, Warehouse-LINK® ensures logical and verified putaway and picking for accurate shipping and reduced returns. Automated cycle count painlessly confirms inventory quantities and eliminates costly, time-consuming physical inventory counts. Cross dock allows you to bypass putaway and move the product from receiving directly to shipping; getting the product out the door faster. Managing workers is easier by using the WMS to direct and assign tasks to workers and using the predictor tool to move workers around during busy times. Warehouse-LINK® collects product attributes such as case and item height, width, depth, and cubage to optimize picking, pack out and shipping. Assign carriers to dock doors and orders to carriers. Print shipping documents before or after the truck is loaded. Integrate with scales, conveyors, and bundling equipment for even more improvements to parcel shipping. Discover the full potential of your warehouse with Interlink.


Transportation Insight leverages multi-modal insight and expertise to engineer technology-driven strategies that optimize the end-to-end supply chain. Specializing in data solutions that accelerate parcel and e-commerce supply chain performance, the Enterprise Logistics Provider’s services are underpinned by networked intelligence and a proprietary parcel platform of audit (invoice, compliance, service), engineering and advanced analytics. Robust, blended technologies including TMS, WMS and interactive supply chain analytics power customized solutions to augment efficient carrier network alignment, process improvement, cost reduction and risk mitigation. Warehouse sourcing, sourcing of secondary packaging and lean consulting provide added value. As the first 4PL invited to join International Warehouse Logistics Association, Transportation Insight offers multi-modal transportation expertise that empowers shippers to respond quickly and confidently to e-commerce demands, growth and seasonal variables impacting inventory and distribution. Transportation Insight clients leverage supply chain modeling, network design, order fulfillment strategies, pick path logic, warehouse segmentation tactics and WMS infrastructure to facilitate improved e-commerce service that protects and enhances the customer delivery experience. With more than 150 North American warehouse locations – including e-commerce-ready facilities in all major markets ─ Transportation Insight’s warehouse network meshes seamlessly with its domestic and international platforms to offer total supply chain solutions within one operational ecoscape.


Since 1992, Visible Supply Chain Management has provided customized solutions for B2B and B2C organizations around the globe. Over time, Visible has evolved into the business to call for e-commerce enterprises that need to ship anything, anywhere, any time. Due to smart growth and strategic acquisitions, we offer proprietary technology systems, shipping and delivery, custom packaging, freight, kitting, fulfillment, distribution, logistics and warehouse management tools.

We now serve over 20,000 customers worldwide and move more than 1.6 million packages per week. We also deliver to over 135 countries and utilize four, bi-coastal warehouses to guarantee two-day delivery within the continental United States — all while maintaining 99.98% accuracy and saving clients up to 41.2% on shipping rates. We lead with solutions that are clearly Visible.