STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pitney Bowes (NYSE:PBI), a global technology company that provides commerce solutions in the areas of mailing, shipping, data and ecommerce, today announced their partnership with SmartShyp, a leading ecommerce shipping software that easily allows merchants to simplify their shipping processes. Pitney Bowes Complete Shipping APIs provide SmartShyp customers with a seamless, customizable and flexible way to access USPS shipping services.

“The speed and quality of orders through the SmartShyp solution with the Pitney Bowes Complete Shipping APIs provide peace of mind for our Jane sellers”

Merchants subscribed to SmartShyp’s web-based platform can now use Pitney Bowes Complete Shipping APIs to create USPS® shipping labels, access guaranteed delivery services, track packages, and help manage shipments and inventory. Features of the SmartShyp shipping platform powered by Pitney Bowes include:

  • Built-in automation for faster order-to-label processing
  • Tracking and visibility for the status of shipments
  • Pitney Bowes flexible financing solutions, including a line of credit options that allow qualified clients to match postage payments to cash flow cycles
  • Guaranteed delivery on USPS Priority Mail shipments

SmartShyp client,, a boutique ecommerce marketplace featuring the latest in women's fashion trends, home decor and children's clothing, ships most of its goods through USPS, and has seen great success through the Pitney Bowes/SmartShyp partnership. “The speed and quality of orders through the SmartShyp solution with the Pitney Bowes Complete Shipping APIs provide peace of mind for our Jane sellers,” said Craig Cleveland, Director of Business Development, “Those two things are a huge advantage for us.”

To improve shipping times, is also leveraging the much-improved batch handling capability developed by SmartShyp, giving sellers a dynamic view of their sales and allowing them to ship much faster. “Our legacy systems couldn’t do that,” said Cleveland. “It was a small detail, but it made a huge difference.”

The flexibility of the SmartShyp solution also enabled to address their seller cash flow challenge. Because the company can track shipments in real time, can pay sellers the minute the package is en-route. They can also pay shipping charges up front for a seller, then deduct those costs from its receivables. This approach creates a major win for’s small retailers by eliminating out-of-pocket shipping expenses and allowing them to ship immediately in greater quantities.

“The level of customization and technology of the SmartShyp/Pitney Bowes API solution is much higher than any of our previous partners,” said Cleveland. “Using Pitney Bowes and SmartShyp we can pay our sellers right away—that really helps with their cash flow. No one else could give us that type of integration.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with SmartShyp and help their customers have better access to USPS shipping services,” said Rajeeb Mohapatra, SVP and GM, Shipping Solutions, Pitney Bowes. “We’re committed to enabling ecommerce partners, like SmartShyp and retailers, like to provide a superior shipping experience for their sellers.”

Pitney Bowes launched Complete Shipping APIs in 2016 and quickly set its solution apart by offering guaranteed delivery services and flexible financing options on a modern RESTful web services architecture that makes it easy for customers to integrate and scale. Over the past two years, these benefits, as well as a commitment to client-led innovation and an expanding set of product features, has enabled more ecommerce platform providers, as well as enterprise and SMB retailers to adopt the solution and provide a superior shipping experience to their end customers.

Pitney Bowes Complete Shipping APIs are available as part of the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, a commerce enabler, providing access to solutions, analytics and APIs across the full commerce continuum with speed and agility to help clients identify customers, locate opportunities, enable communications, power shipping from anywhere to everywhere, and manage payments.

About SmartShyp

SmartShyp simplifies and automates shipping between eCommerce owners and their customers with discounted shipping rates, label printing, order processing, and mail tracking. Partnered with international marketplace leader,, and global technology company, Pitney Bowes, SmartShyp serves customers in 47 states. Small business owners can try up to 50 labels per month for free with SmartShyp, with no surprise fees, long-term contracts, or complex licenses at

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