MADISON, WI (July 11, 2018) – RateLinx, a thought leader in tailored supply chain data services and consulting, has introduced its new Supply Chain process. Logistics in 3D: Diagnose, Develop, Deploy helps companies quickly and easily diagnose complex problems with integrated data, and then develop and deploy strategies to solve the issues and create competitive advantage. RateLinx integrates data from multiple data streams in real time using the company’s leading end-to-end DaaS approach. With the complete visibility integrated data brings, Logistics in 3D allows companies to uncover the root cause of the problem and unlock savings throughout the supply chain.

“Our Logistics in 3D: Diagnose, Develop, Deploy process is new, but this approach has been in place at RateLinx since the beginning,” said RateLinx President and Founder Shannon Vaillancourt. “My background as an engineer taught me to approach any challenge this way and it always works. Collect the right data through testing (diagnosis), apply the math to find a solution (develop), then implement the solution (deploy).”

Logistics in 3D Quickly Brings Value with Integrated Data

Logistics in 3D combines the discipline of a time-proven process with business intelligence gathered by integrating a shipper’s data.

Guided by the RateLinx Managed Services team, the first step is to diagnose the underlying problem by asking the right questions and collecting data using the Intelligent Invoice Management system (IIM). RateLinx is the only provider that offers data integration, not system upgrades, to untangle complex supply chain issues. Diagnosis is usually completed in 30 days. Then, based on what the data reveals, RateLinx collaborates with the company to develop the strategy. Prior to deployment, if data modeling is needed to gain additional insight, this is completed in 2-3 days. After the strategy is deployed, IIM provides intelligent reporting in real-time to achieve maximum savings by showing potential cost leaks and avoiding unintended consequences. This is the value the 3D process provides the shipper – significant savings across the supply chain.

About RateLinx

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Madison, WI, RateLinx ( is transforming supply chain management through its tailored data services and consulting. Providing a complete end-to-end solution from order to delivery, cash and payment, RateLinx is the only DaaS provider that integrates carrier invoice, track and trace, shipment and order data to create an integrated data foundation in real time. Its Logistics in 3D process (Diagnose, Develop, Deploy) combines with its Radar Track & TraceSM, Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM, and ShipLinx TMS to provide Integrated Data IntelligenceSM for increased visibility and predictive analytics to solve even the most challenging supply chain problems while reducing overall costs. Read more about RateLinx’ innovative approach to logistics at