[INDEPENDENCE, OHIO, July 2020] Contract Edge is game changing software tool in the Parcel BI Suite to help users with contract comparisons. Contract Edge takes the historical data from Parcel BI’s Invoice Analytics and transforms it for fast and easy analysis for parcel negotiation. Contract Edge is the industry’s first and only contract comparison tool built to empower the parcel shipper to take control of their data and spend.

When using Contract Edge, users are able to use their own historic data to instantly compare contracts and between UPS and FedEx. The tool can extract the rates and discounts right out of pdf contracts and proposals, saving time as well. Shippers can analyze performance, discounts, and impact of rate increases. This tool helps to save countless hours on analysis. By having an understanding of contracts and negotiations, this tool has helped many companies save money.

In Contract Edge, savvy or first time negotiators can perform “What-If” Analysis, pulling all the levers of a contract (Volumes, Rates, Mins, DIMs., Differed Incentives, and more) This tool helps clients to negotiate precisely and to maximize savings by staying one step ahead of the game to see how different scenarios would play out. This significantly impacts spend and helps to be strategic with negotiations.

One of the great things about Contract Edge is its ease of use. Users will upload their carrier contracts right into the app and can quickly to create comparisons between competitive bids and contracts. Contract Edge helps to manage past and future parcel contract performance with regards to annual rate hikes from the carriers as well as measure contract performance against previous agreements. Contract Edge and Parcel BI can be demonstrated at not charge and are available on a monthly subscription.

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