About PEAK Technologies

PEAK Technologies, a Platinum Equity Company, is an international systems integrator of supply chain automation and inventory management solutions delivering tangible return on investment to some of the worlds largest corporations. PEAKs primary applications include solutions for warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution operations. PEAKs portfolio of solutions and services include business process consulting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integration, wireless professional services, project management, printing/media solutions, and life-cycle support services. PEAK Technologies has locations throughout North America and Europe providing a comprehensive foot print for multi-national life cycle service and support.


About Platinum Equity

Platinum Equity (www.platinumequity.com) is a global M&A&O firm specialized in the merger, acquisition and operation of companies that provide services and solutions to customers in a broad range of business markets, including information technology, software, telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing, health care products, and entertainment distribution. Since its founding in 1995 by entrepreneur Tom Gores, Platinum Equity has acquired more than 50 businesses and built a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of operating companies. In 2005, Platinum was named the 18th largest private company in the United States by Forbes magazine.