JERSEY CITY, NJ; January 23, 2007 Telargo, Inc., a leading provider of mobile asset management solutions, today announced it has signed a strategic service provider agreement with Mexico-based technology reseller TechniRep S.A. de C.V. As an authorized Telargo service provider (TSP), TechniRep will provide local customers with Telargos services and technology solutions.


Telargos solutions for mobile asset management uses advanced technologies coupled with comprehensive analysis and management software. Telargo enables customers to streamline operations and maximize the performance of their mobile assets including; vehicles, machinery, trailers, vessels and drivers/operators.


TechniRep will resell and manage Telargos solutions for customers in Mexico. Currently, there are approximately 40,000 vehicles in Mexico using some type of asset tracking solution. The majority of these programs have simple tracking capabilities and do not provide the type of comprehensive solution that Telargo offers.


Eduardo Lira Hereford, co-founder of TechniRep said, We conducted months of extensive research and determined that users were extremely displeased with the primitive solutions currently offered by local providers. Telargos solution matched the needs of our customers and we believe introducing their comprehensive mobile asset management service will enhance the operation of our customers fleets and increase the ROI within the mobile asset market.


Telargo facilitates online interaction with vehicle fleets, work process automation, in-depth cost analysis and more, to support management decisions. The companys service platform combines a variety of established technologies from global positioning systems (GPS) and wireless communication to digital mapping and hosted applications. Telargos solutions have been deployed in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Creating partnerships with companies like TechniRep, affords us the opportunity to grow our business by leveraging existing customer relationships that our partners have already developed, Bogdan Pavlic, CEO of Telargo. Through our arrangement with TechniRep, we will gain access to the Mexican market with a trusted and established service provider. TechniReps local knowledge and experience in our field were critical factors in our decision and will help us advance our business goals for market penetration in North America.  


About Telargo, Inc.

Telargo is an innovative provider of mobile asset management solutions. Through a comprehensive suite of Web-based tools to track, monitor and manage mobile assets (i.e. vehicles, workforce, equipment and cargo), Telargo enables customers to optimize their resources, maximize productivity and minimize expenditures. Telargos solutions empower business owners to implement best practices for advanced fleet and workforce management.

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