(St. Louis, Missouri, USA: January 23, 2007) FKI Logistex, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, announces that it has won a major contract to supply FKI Logistex Condor very-narrow-aisle (VNA) automated storage-and-retrieval systems (AS/RS) for six new Preferred Freezer Services facilities planned for 2007. With the new contract, more than 100 FKI Logistex Condor cranes will be in operation in Preferred Freezer's full-service public refrigerated warehouses in locations across the United States.


"The Condor VNA contract further strengthens the partnership between FKI Logistex and Preferred Freezer Services," said Ted Clucas, president, FKI Logistex Manufacturing Systems North America. "FKI Logistex has a history of success in providing VNA systems to existing Preferred Freezer facilities and we look forward to continuing to help Preferred Freezer and other customers increase throughput and efficiency for years to come."


In addition to the equipment contract, FKI Logistex has implemented a fixed-price, full-service, parts-and-maintenance contract for all Preferred Freezer sites using the Condor system. The agreement annually budgets preventive maintenance while providing complete coverage for everyday and predictive maintenance, normal-use parts, and emergency breakdown repairs. Rather than Preferred Freezer hiring and training its own skilled personnel, FKI Logistex absorbs all the responsibility for service and maintenance.


The FKI Logistex Condor high-bay VNA solution is a hybrid crane that stores and retrieves pallet-size loads in very narrow aisles. Top-guidance and the fully enclosed, heated cabin enable Preferred Freezer to achieve higher levels of throughput, accuracy, and productivity in its freezer storage systems. The all-electric Condor crane offers more uptime, fewer maintenance requirements, and more efficient power usage than competing solutions. The Condor operation uses "in-aisle" conductor rail to electrify the AC-powered hoist and charge the on-board traction battery, eliminating the requirement for a battery changing or charging area and freeing up additional floor space for other purposes.


Preferred Freezer Services offers customers more than 75 million cubic feet of freezer storage in 14 facilities across the United States, with three facilities actively under construction. Delivery of the new Condor crane systems for six additional facilities is scheduled to begin in June 2007.


About FKI Logistex

FKI Logistex is a leading global provider of automated material handling solutions, supplying its customers with an integrated set of leading-edge technologies in high-speed sortation, conveyor systems, palletizing, paperless pick products, AS/RS, controls, order fulfillment systems, RFID implementation, EDS integration, baggage handling systems, warehouse control systems, and total material handling automation.


FKI Logistex provides material handling solutions for airports, postal facilities, parcel distribution, manufacturing operations, library automation, and for warehouse and distribution facilities. With projects that include many of the world's largest and most advanced material handling operations, FKI Logistex has manufacturing, engineering and support facilities around the world. For more information on FKI Logistex, click here to visit the FKI Logistex media center. For general sales information, contact FKI Logistex by phone at +1.877.935.4564 in North America, +44 (0) 870 350 3055 in Europe, or +86 21 52372255 in Asia. Contact FKI Logistex by e-mail at info@fkilogistex.com. Visit them on the web at www.fkilogistex.com


About Preferred Freezer Services

Preferred Freezer Services offers full-service public refrigerated warehouses in locations across the United States, specializing in frozen seafood storage. Starting in 1989 with a 1.3-million-cubic-foot warehouse in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Preferred Freezer Services has since expanded to be one of the largest public refrigerated warehouse companies in North America. Preferred Freezer Services offers customers more than 75 million cubic feet of freezer storage in 14 facilities across the United States, with three additional facilities actively under construction and six more scheduled to commence construction shortly. Visit them on the web at www.preferredfreezer.com