VeriTainer Corporation, the worlds leader in specialized container crane radiation detection technology, today announced that the VeriSpreader has been awarded Qualified Anti-Terrorist Technology (QATT) designation status by the Department of Homeland Security for developmental testing and evaluation. VeriTainers Oakland Pilot Project (OPP II) will conclude this Spring with product demonstrations. Said VeriTainers CEO John Alioto stated, It is very gratifying to have the Department of Homeland Security designate the technology as a QATT. We look forward to the successful completion of OPP II. If these OPP II product demonstrations meet with U.S. Customs and Border Protections approval, the next award will be QATT certification.


VeriTainers groundbreaking technology is critical to port security in light of the threat of nuclear terrorism.  As conventional channels of terrorist activity are cut off, new methods of attack will be sought out to circumvent increased security efforts. It is the ultimate radiation scanning technology, affirmed Harold Brown, of the Port of Oakland at a press conference on November 15th. VeriTainer is taking deliberate steps to safeguard our nations ports before its too late.


In addition to reaching this important milestone, VeriTainer has just completed its most successful round of investment.  Raising $4.55 million dollars in its B round of financing, the companys Phase II is fully funded.  The confidence of the investment community shows just how promising this technology is.  Not only to the shipping industry, but to other business, technical, and governmental communitie, VeriTainers technology is an industry-driven solution. VeriTainers VP of Business Development, Lawrence Alioto, voiced, We are extremely pleased to be validated in our mission by investors who are as confident in the technology as we are.


About VeriTainer


VeriTainer is a Delaware corporation that was founded in June of 2003 under the leadership of Chairman & CEO John I. Alioto.  It is a private Northern California based enterprise focused on developing specialized container crane spreaders that detect radioactive material in cargo shipping containers during the loading and unloading process.