(St. Louis, Missouri, USA: June 7, 2007) FKI Logistex, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, announces that it has won a $3.5 million contract with growing Internet electronics retailer ZipZoomfly.com. FKI Logistex will provide a turnkey, fully integrated, automated material handling system for the company's new 250,000-square-foot warehouse in Newark, California.


Founded in 1999, ZipZoomfly.com is part of Internet holding corporation, Xtraplus Corp. ZipZoomfly.com's sister company, Wrapables.com, which retails household items over the Internet, will co-locate in the new facility and share the benefits of the FKI Logistex system. Xtraplus Corp., which plans to double both Zipzoomfly.com and Wrapables.com's volumes by 2008, is also building the distribution center with the long-term goal of providing third-party logistics services.


"The FKI Logistex system is crucial to our future plans for growth and expanded service offerings," says Tim Wang, director of business development, ZipZoomfly.com. "Bringing FKI Logistex's expertise in e-commerce automation to our business will help us efficiently and effectively serve our customers."


"FKI Logistex has built a national reputation for providing Internet retailers across the country with the best material handling systems for their growing operations," says Bob Duplain, president, FKI Logistex Warehouse & Distribution North America. "Internet companies like ZipZoomfly.com know that their investment in an FKI Logistex material handling system offers them the advanced functionality and full integration that we offer major brick-and-mortar retailers across the world."


The FKI Logistex system is designed to pick, pack and ship both ZipZoomfly.com and Wrapables.com orders. The tote-based system features three FKI Logistex UniSort IV sorters, more than 5,900 feet of FKI Logistex conveyor, and an FKI Logistex EASYpick Trak3 pick-to-light system with single and dual displays to support up to 8,000 SKU locations. FKI Logistex software includes Order Manager and Route Manager, which will provide tight control of both companies' inventory and material flow.


About FKI Logistex

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