Aug. 20 2007 09:54 AM

Neopost, the worldwide provider of mailing and shipping solutions, announces Neopost Online Shipping. Through an agreement with the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the United Parcel Service (UPS), Neopost is able to provide its customers with a new and innovative multi-carrier web-based shipping application that allows users to easily compare shipping options within the same browser window. By taking advantage of this advanced shipping tool, customers can access the best rates and delivery options available, reduce shipping costs and increase efficiency.


Ideal for businesses that average two or more packages per day, Neopost Online Shipping provides a convenient way to manage multi-carrier shipments. Users will reduce costs by selecting the most cost-effective options from the easy-to-use Find Best Service panel, while the built-in CASS-certified address verification software eliminates the added cost of returned packages.


Enabling users to book a shipment in a simple three step process, set default shipping service preferences and track multiple orders from a central location, Neopost Online Shipping further increases shipping productivity. Additionally, this shipping solution improves customer communications and ensures shipping integrity by sending automatic email confirmation and tracking details to specified recipients.


Neopost Online Shipping also lets users view shipment histories and receive one combined activity report for all shipments made during a specified date range. Available in CSV, HTML, and PDF formats, the customized reports save accountants time in reconciling multiple shipping records.


The key objectives of Online Shipping are to help simplify the shipping process and provide users with better control of their shipping operations, says Olivier Lengignon, Vice President of Marketing, Neopost Inc. Viewing all your shipping options at once helps you quickly gain control over how your packages and express letters get shipped by finding the best service based on destination and delivery time.


For smaller to mid-sized companies who are looking for the automation and cost-savings benefits typically offered only by higher-end shipping systems, Online Shipping is the simplest, most cost-efficient multi-carrier shipping solution on the market today.

Neopost is a participating member of the UPS Ready program which enables companies to integrate UPS technologies and solutions within their offerings. UPS Ready accommodates multiple applications including: e-commerce shopping carts and site builders, ERP, accounting, CRM, middleware and shipping. To learn more about UPS Ready, visit


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