The Messenger Courier Association of the Americas (MCAA) announced it will change its name to MCAA The Expedited Transportation and Logistics Association. The name change will position the Association as the leading organization representing companies engaged in the same-day delivery industry. The approval was decided by the Board of Directors at its winter board meeting last month. The new name will be effective immediately.

Over the last several decades, the same-day delivery industry has transformed dramatically. Companies who once built their business around on-demand deliveries of envelopes have expanded and evolved their operations to include a greater array of service offerings often operating large vans and trucks to complete their deliveries, said Rob Slack, MCAA President. To complement their delivery capabilities, our members have broadened their approach to offer storage, warehousing, and logistics services.

The decision to change names has been discussed within the Association for several years. Recent industry surveys indicate that there is a clear trend in the business operations of MCAA members. The core fundamentals of a courier company delivering a letter or package across town remains available to its customers, however more companies are beginning to offer more regional and national same-day or less than 24 hours deliveries of larger freight.

About the MCAA
MCAA The Expedited Transportation and Logistics Association is a trade association of 600 mostly locally owned courier companies. Founded in 1987, MCAA has worked to promote and advance the common interests of those engaged in the same-day delivery industry throughout the United States and abroad. The Association provides legislative and regulatory activities, educational programs, member benefit programs, increased agent work opportunities, and a quarterly magazine. MCAA holds an annual resort-based convention and an Executive Leadership Series conference. For more information, visit