April 16 2021
Growing consumer awareness of packaging waste — and especially the impact of single-use — is driving a kind of sustainability revolution in the packaging industry. More often, consumers... View More
Feb. 24 2021
As packaging artwork becomes more important to the product, delays in delivering accurate and approved package artwork have an increasing impact on time to market and a company’s bottom line... View More
Feb. 18 2021
HICKORY, N.C. – With the introduction of new HP 535 hot melt packaging tape, Shurtape Technologies, LLC, an industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of pressure-sensitive tapes, has fulfilled the
Feb. 3 2021
Corrugated packaging is a perpetually popular choice across numerous industries, especially since its design promotes increased durability. Manufacturers and retailers understandably prioritiz... View More
Dec. 17 2020
The end of the year is a time to reflect, recharge, and rechart your course for the next twelve months. No one imagined that 2020 was going to unfold the way it did. Understandably, most people are re
Dec. 1 2020
We have been a provider of eco-friendly packaging for the DTC market since the eco-friendly trend started to take off around 2010. During that time, we have seen many direct to consumer (DTC)... View More
Nov. 24 2020
Corrugated packaging has remained one of the most popular options for packaging materials. Current industry predictions forecast that the corrugated packaging market will grow to the point tha... View More
Sept. 28 2020
No matter what kind of products you handle, you need something to keep their packaging intact. When it comes to ways to seal packaging, you have almost countless options at hand. Such a variety can be
Sept. 14 2020
The numbers tell the story of the potential of e-commerce. In 2019, online sales reached over $601 billion, accounting for 14.9% of retail sales. That figure is forecast to top $709 billion in... View More
Aug. 26 2020
Deep in the forest, a larger-than-life creature roams, leaving enormous footprints. Known as Bigfoot or the Sasquatch, very few people can actually claim to have seen this elusive figure. He c... View More
Aug. 21 2020
Peak shipping season. These three words can evoke excitement or stress for many retailers, and sometimes both. Shopping during this time of year can account for 40% of annual sales for retaile... View More
Aug. 20 2020
There was a simpler time when order fulfillment meant picking an item, throwing it into a carton filled with peanuts, paper, or air pillows, and adding it to a pile of packages to be loaded on... View More
June 19 2020
When it comes to shipping costs, much of the conversation revolves around package weight and destination. The heavier it is, or the further it travels, the more it will cost a business to ship... View More
June 2 2020
The deep, guttural sound of a delivery truck grows exponentially louder as it hurries its way towards you. Its pending arrival evokes high levels of anticipation and giddiness. A beat later, e... View More
April 15 2020
Consumers today are weighing different factors in their purchasing decisions. In order to attract and retain loyal customers, brands must understand what those factors are and meet demand acco... View More
April 13 2020
Almost every company has done it: sent a package that was larger than it needed to be and ended up paying the price in the form of dimensional weight surcharges. (As a refresher, dimensional w... View More
April 1 2020
With the rapid growth in e-commerce, online retailers that are already fulfilling a significant volume of orders annually may reach a tipping point where they must eliminate manual aspects of... View More
March 11 2020
For years, the societal model has been fueled by a “take-make-waste” mindset. This mindset contributed to 267.8 million tons of solid municipal waste in the United States in 2017 – with... View More
Oct. 23 2019
The most obvious cost related to packaging is direct material, but the largest cost associated to packaging size is transportation. This is especially true for products shipped in large volumes and su
Aug. 16 2019
Packaging is no longer viewed as simply the container you use to get your shipment from Point A to Point B. Now, there are multiple considerations to take into account, with consumer loyalty and satis