April 8 2009 01:55 PM

Madison, WI—April 8, 2009—RB Publishing is proud to announce that it will once again be producing the United States Postal Service-sponsored issue of PARCEL magazine. This issue celebrates 10 years of the USPS sponsoring an issue. 
The special edition cover story will feature Robert Bernstock, USPS Mailing and Shipping Services President, who will talk about new parcel initiatives and offer an in-depth look at changes in the organization. New USPS offerings are of interest to PARCEL readers at all times, but especially during this economic downturn. As a bonus to readers, the USPS and its partners and allies will focus on cost-cutting strategies for parcel shippers. 

“Cutting operational costs has always been desirable,” shared Dan O’Rourke, editor of PARCEL. “In these economic times, it’s a necessity. The USPS-sponsored issue is a guide to help readers ascertain what the USPS can do to assist them in cutting costs in this tough economic climate. We hope that readers can utilize this knowledge to make positive, cost-cutting changes within their own organizations.” 

Since its inception, educating readers about the benefits the USPS has to offer has been a key goal of the sponsored issue. Advertisers are able to take part in this mission by not only submitting print ads, but also by positioning themselves as industry leaders of their respective niches through non-competing, non-advertorial editorial submissions. Some companies choose to author articles based on the publication’s theme, while others provide content that speaks to a specific issue within the industry. Either way, the editorial submissions mesh perfectly with the USPS articles to provide readers with the leading informational source for those in the industry.

The USPS-sponsored edition has a wide reach and is distributed to USPS high-volume shipping customers and PARCEL’s regular subscriber base, which means that this issue is distributed to upwards of 60,000 industry professionals. The issue is scheduled to be sent to readers in early August, so PARCEL is beginning to work with the USPS and its advertising partners on editorial content.

Industry vendors who would like to participate in this issue are encouraged to contact PARCEL staff now to begin discussions about editorial possibilities. Handling the USPS partner and allies involvement are Kathy Fay (Kathy.f@rbpub.com), Ken Waddell (ken.w@rbpub.com), Josh Vogt (josh.v@rbpub.com) as well as Publisher Ron Brent (ron@rbpub.com) who comments: “We have had many companies who have sponsored issues of our magazines, including UPS, Kewill and Pitney Bowes. But the Postal Service has truly taken an ongoing advantage of sponsoring special issues to educate the shipping industry of its services and how its customers are improving product distribution. The sponsored issue also demonstrates how companies working together can help save shippers incredible dollars.”

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