Hard to ignore improving data points: Results from our survey of over 300 parcel shippers are consistent with many key themes of our freight thesis and reinforce that recovery is underway. We continue to believe EPS estimates are too low across freight as both volume and operating leverage are likely to surprise. In parcel, we admit a fair amount of good news is now in the stocks, particularly regarding int'l airfreight. However, if margins at FDX and UPS can return to prior peak levels within the next few years, there is still notable upside in the shares from current levels.

Key Conclusions from our Survey:
1) Shippers indicate pricing is on the mend, but may be growing at a more modest rate than bulls expect. Large shippers have more moderate rate expectations than small shippers.
2) Shippers expect international parcel volumes will remain strong, while restocking trends appear to be supportive of better ground volumes in the second half.
3) The recovery in premium products will be slow — which is consistent with what UPS saw in its most recent results. The shift toward B2C shipping continues.
4) According to respondents, when they have switched carriers, FedEx seems to be winning share.
5) Perceptions of service in the parcel industry remain at very high levels despite a rebound in volume.

Still constructive on freight, prefer heavy-asset plays. We expect freight volumes will continue to surprise to the upside, even after large 1Q10 EPS revisions. Given that, we recommend clients stay long heavy-asset transports like rails and parcel. Our shipper survey suggests that while trends in international air shipping should stay strong, domestic has yet to show a pick up. As confidence in the recovery grows and shippers begin to restock inventories in a more material way, we believe this trend will start to reverse. We would be positioned in surface transport stocks, especially the rails, for the upcoming restocking.

Industry View: Attractive

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