Check your mailbox, you should have received your PARCEL Forum ’14 Dallas brochure. If you didn’t for some reason, no worries. Simply click here to view the digital version.

    Not wanting to sit back on our 11 years of leadership, PARCEL Forum continually strives to deliver new and exciting information that will help you ship more packages, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Below are some of the new and exciting events we’ve added this year.

    • Show Me How to Win the Omni-Channel Challenge (2 Hours!)
    • Inventory Management to Leverage Omni-Channel Strategies
    • Omni-Channel: Network Planning and Transportation Cost Management
    • Developing a Flexible Omni-Channel Parcel Network (Case Study)
    • How to Handle Cartons and Bags in an Omni-Channel DC
    • Amazon Has Awakened the Wal-Mart Giant and Their Impact on All of Us

    • Analyze, Negotiate and Optimize Carrier Contracts Like the Pros!
    • All-day Tour of Distribution Facilities: JCPenny & TechData
    • Earn a Certification from Michigan State University in Warehouse Management Strategies and Technologies (Half- Day with tour)
    • Earn a Certificate of Completion from ISTA for Package Testing (Half-Day with Tour)

    • Bon-Ton Shows How To Develop An Omni-Channel Parcel Network
    • Regis Corporation Talks About Zone Skipping
    • Vitacost Discusses Carrier Negotiations
    • Prostar Logistics Shares How To Manage Shipping Costs
    • First Logistics Reveals How Tablets Are Great DC Tools
    • Tobi.Com Shares How To Assure Deliveries During The Holiday Season!

    • Transportation Benchmarking (Expanded to 2 Hours)
    • Interactive Crowd Solving Your Supply Chain Problems (Special 2 Hour Session)
    • Ask the Transportation Experts Anything You Want

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