Neopost USA, a provider of business communication management and shipping solutions, predicts a growth in shipping industry revenues in 2015 that will be driven by innovation and consumer expectations.

    Last year, the shipping industry and the public were astounded by many “futuristic” announcements about potential trends and imminent business changes: an Amazon drone delivery beta test, Mercedes Benz’s self-driving semi-truck for package delivery. However, the just-concluded cyber season of 2014 will be remembered for record parcel volumes and enhanced services like the United States Postal Service’s® sophisticated Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode tracking technology.

    “2014 was a significant year in shipping for the USPS as well as the nation’s top shipping service providers because of the attractive power of free shipping, shoppers using mobile devices during retail excursions and the emergence of parcel tracking as a consumer expectation,” said Vincent DeAngelis, Vice President, Postal Relations, for Neopost USA. “Neopost USA fully expects to see these factors amplified in 2015. Every retail and shipping industry indicator points to the necessity to introduce and offer new approaches that will reduce costs, improve the customer experience and set new standards in expedited delivery.”

    Neopost USA believes these trends will drive 2015 shipping growth:
     A strong and growing industry: The continuing growth of ecommerce will propel an increase in 2015 shipping volume.

     A surge in tracking: Shoppers equipped with mobile devices, the “m-commerce” movement, will trigger a spike in demand for end-to-end traceability of parcels. Tracking will no longer be a welcome perk to an online order, it will become an expectation.

     Pricing changes: Top shipping carriers are shifting from a weight-based pricing model to dimension-based pricing [establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space occupied by a box or pallet], a significant revenue-generating change for the industry.

     Unusual shipping and delivery methods: Expect the shipping industry to offer bold new delivery technologies and speedy delivery programs during 2015. These anticipated developments include intelligent and secure delivery boxes, the ability to route packages to retail stores for pick-up, user-friendly customer applications that track (map) delivery drivers on their routes, shipping direct from retail stores and mobile carrier stations located closer to residential delivery points.

     Customer service is now synonymous with shipping: The future of customer service for many retailers and businesses will be directly linked to delivery method, speed, price and package-return options.

    Consumers will be the immediate beneficiaries of the proliferation of shipping options during 2015. Industry players will also prosper. They may have to up their game to compete but the investment in technology and the attention to consumer expectations will quickly translate into revenue as shipping volume increases.

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