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April 24 2017 04:42 AM

Superb packaging shows the standard of your brand, but there are also lots of things to consider in order to convey the right message. First of all, good packaging protects the product from being damaged or ruined. People now are very concerned regarding the material of the package. If it is made of plastic or paper, does it keep the product safe? What about environmental impacts? These kinds of questions come into people’s minds. Apart from these, the design of the package should be visually appealing so that customers do not have any questions in their mind before buying the product. Whether it's addressing a customer's safety concern or hygienic one, good packaging provides a good impression of your brand to the customer. In addition, the package should be convenient for travel. To know more interesting facts about packaging, please don't forget to check out the below infographics from Direct Packaging Solutions. And while the infographic references the UK and the currency is listed in pounds, the information contained is still relevant to US shippers, who face many of the same issues.