Unboxing videos have gained a lot of traction on social media in the past few years. This trend presents a great opportunity for businesses to reach new audiences and increase customer loyalty. Save these seven unique unboxing experience ideas for inspiration in an increasingly crowded market.

Why Unboxing Videos Increase Customer Loyalty

Before diving into specific ways to capitalize on unboxing videos, you need to understand why these experiences are important in the first place. The most obvious reason is they engage more consumers. YouTube is by far the most popular social media platform and unboxings are perfect video content.

The experience is about more than just direct marketing, though. People like sharing posts online, so they appreciate exciting packaging that lends itself to content creation. Customers are more likely to keep buying from a brand if videos with its products perform well.

A fun unboxing experience also fosters a more consistent brand image. That, in turn, leads to increased loyalty, as consumers know what to expect from you. The extra engagement of a more involved and exciting unboxing process can also foster a closer bond with an enterprise.

Fostering Loyalty with Unboxing Videos: 7 Unique Ideas

Now that you know why these videos are important, here’s how to maintain customer loyalty through unique unboxing experiences.

1. Create Eye-Catching Packaging Designs

One of the most fundamental steps is to ensure your packaging is visually distinct from the competition. Popular unboxing videos aren’t only popular for whoever’s doing the unboxing — they also catch viewers’ eyes from the start. Bland, run-of-the-mill packaging is unlikely to do that, regardless of how exciting the contents are.

Use bright, contrasting colors to grab people’s attention faster. Studies suggest people can more easily differentiate between warm hues than cool ones, so opt for warmer colors to make your packaging’s design more recognizable. You’ll also want to ensure your design reflects your brand as a whole, as what’s a good fit for one company may seem odd for another.

2. Personalize Packages

The best unboxing experience ideas also capitalize on personalization. A staggering 78% of consumers today are more likely to shop again with a brand after a personalized experience. Almost as many will even feel frustrated or disappointed when businesses don’t offer any personalization.

Custom notes to each buyer are an easy way to provide this personalization, especially when handwritten. Matching package colors and designs to different niches can further emphasize this customization.

These steps are even more important for brands using influencer marketing. Influencers are easy to personalize things for and will likely point out the personalization in unboxing videos, driving loyalty.

3. Make Sure Packages Are Secure

While aesthetic choices are the most prominent drivers of popular unboxing videos, you shouldn’t overlook practicality, either. More specifically, boxes shouldn’t sacrifice security for visual appeal. The last thing you want is for someone to open a package full of broken products on camera.

Even if people don’t point out in-transit damage in their unboxing videos, viewers will notice it. They may associate your brand with poor shipping practices, even if these occurrences are rare.

To avoid these scenarios, use plenty of protective measures to prevent damage. Foam inserts that hold items in place are best, as they’re less likely to shift than looser packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

4. Engage Multiple Senses

Unboxing experiences are more likely to increase customer loyalty if they target multiple senses. The more senses you engage, the more memorable the packaging is. Things like touch and scent are easier to overlook, as they’re not obvious on video, so competitors may not capitalize on them.

Consider using scented cards or lightly perfumed packaging materials, but be aware of potential allergies. On top of providing another layer of engagement, smell is a better memory trigger than other senses, so it’s more likely to foster familiarity and, thus, loyalty. A variety of textures to appeal to consumers’ touch is a good idea, too.

5. Make Packages Easy and Exciting to Open

Another easy-to-miss step in the recipe for popular unboxing videos is ensuring packages are easy to unbox. Viewers may become disinterested or think an enterprise doesn’t care much about the customer experience if people have trouble unboxing their products on camera. Use minimal tape, and consider magnetic clasps or cardboard folds to enable easier opening and closing.

Similarly, packages should be exciting to open. Unique designs like fold-out displays or multi-layered packaging generate anticipation and make the unboxing experience fun. That makes for great content, making people more likely to create, watch or share unboxing videos.

6. Capitalize on Augmented Reality

Implementing technology is another great unboxing experience idea. Augmented reality (AR) is particularly promising for packaging.

Some brands have paired packaging with AR experiences featuring famous musicians or linking to more information. Even a simple animation that triggers when buyers scan a package with an accompanying AR app can generate more engagement. Whatever the specifics, this technology adds another layer of interaction.

AR interactivity looks great on camera, too. That makes it a natural fit for shareable unboxing videos to generate more consumer loyalty.

7. Use Sustainable Packaging

Modern packaging should also be sustainable. Using recycled or other eco-friendly materials is just the beginning, though. You should also include clear steps on how to recycle the package. Nearly two-thirds of consumers are more likely to buy items that feature such instructions.

How-to guides on a package’s recyclability provide visual proof of your sustainability on camera. They also make content creators more likely to mention them, bringing attention to your eco-friendly image. That will only become more important as consumers grow increasingly eco-conscious.

Use These Unboxing Experience Ideas to Drive Loyalty

Unboxing videos are an excellent way to stand out in a crowded e-commerce market. These seven steps will help your packages become more unboxing-friendly, ultimately fostering more consumer loyalty.

You can create your own unboxing videos, turn to influencer marketing or simply create great packages to inspire buyers to make this content. However you approach it, these seven ideas will make this marketing more effective.

Emily Newton is the Editor-in-Chief of Revolutionized. She regularly covers trends in the industrial sector.