(St. Louis, Missouri, USA: August 23, 2007) FKI Logistex, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, will showcase its palletizing technologies at PACK EXPO West in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 15-17. The 1440-square-foot FKI Logistex display (Booth C-3412) spotlights the company's new, high-speed robotic palletizing solution, which uses jointed-arm robots capable of palletizing at rates of more than 100 cases per minute.


The patent-pending FKI Logistex robotic solution will be demonstrated in an integrated conveyor loop at the exhibit. Motoman EPL-80 robotic arms with FKI Logistex-manufactured end-of-arm tooling concurrently palletize and depalletize customer product to a single load location. The loop also features FKI Logistex Accuzone 24-volt powered roller conveyor, which offers zero-pressure, zero-contact product accumulation.


The FKI Logistex robotic solution enables customers to achieve higher palletizing rates with a reduced footprint and increased layout configurations compared to common palletizing systems. The robots offer gentle handling to minimize product damage, and four-way orientation of cases gives customers full control of package label positioning. End-users can easily display the same graphics on all four sides of the pallet, or orient barcodes to streamline scanning operations.


"By introducing our new robotic palletizing solution at PACK EXPO West 2007, FKI Logistex remains on the forefront of the latest high-speed palletizing technologies," says Steve Ackerman, president, FKI Logistex North America. "FKI Logistex has the experience and the resources to provide palletizing systems with the reliability, flexibility and capacity required to support today's dynamic packaging lines."


Also on Display

FKI Logistex experts will be available throughout the show to provide more information about the complete range of FKI Logistex palletizing solutions, including the industry-leading, high-speed A-943 palletizer and the recently introduced affordable and reliable GS100 series palletizer. Information regarding the FKI Logistex conveyor product line, high-speed sortation equipment, automated storage-and-retrieval systems (AS/RS), and order fulfillment solutions will also be available.


Sales engineers will be on-hand to discuss specific applications and customers are encouraged to bring their project specifications to the booth. To schedule an appointment with an FKI Logistex sales engineer, please contact Jill Raab at jill.raab@fkilogistex.com.


PACK EXPO West takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, October 15-17, 2007. For more information about PACK EXPO, visit http://pelv2007.packexpo.com.


About FKI Logistex

FKI Logistex is a leading global provider of automated material handling solutions, supplying its customers with an integrated set of leading-edge technologies in high-speed sortation, conveyor systems, robotic and conventional palletizing, paperless pick products, AS/RS, controls, order fulfillment systems, RFID implementation, EDS integration, baggage handling systems, warehouse control systems, and total material handling automation.FKI Logistex provides material handling solutions for airports, postal facilities, parcel distribution, manufacturing operations, library automation, and for warehouse and distribution facilities. With projects that include many of the world's largest and most advanced material handling operations, FKI Logistex has manufacturing, engineering and support facilities around the world. For more information on FKI Logistex, email info@fkilogistex.com or visit http://www.fkilogistex.com/.