Aug. 27 2008 03:48 PM

The new desktop-sized MINI PAKR air cushion machine from packaging industry leader FP International is revolutionizing the packaging preferences of small businesses and online retailers. With the versatile MINI PAKR, users can make six different air cushions for superior protection of almost any product during shipping.


The MINI PAKR is a must-have product for those who ship packages on a regular basis and have limited storage space. Its small size and easy operation make it ideal for a wide range of packaging scenarios. Being the size of a desktop printer or fax machine, the MINI PAKR can easily sit on a tabletop or be mounted on a wall. Plus, the air cushions made are environmentally friendly and can be reused or recycled.


The MINI PAKR also eliminates the need for storage of bulky rolls of bubble wrapping or bags of packing peanuts. In fact, one small roll of MINI PAKR NOVUS Quilt-Air Large film makes the equivalent of one and a third rolls of 1⁄2 X 48 x 250 bubble wrap; one small roll of MINI PAKR NOVUS Double Cushion film makes the equivalent of seven 14 cubic foot bags of peanuts.


With the MINI PAKRs superior cushioning and protection for fragile and valuable items, there will also be significant cost savings. You will save money three ways by using fewer packaging materials, by lowering damage claims (related to breakage) and by reducing shipping costs with the use of lighter weight air cushions.


With its patented air transfer technology, the MINI PAKRs NOVUS air cushions offer superior protection versus other products because air moves between channels instead of popping the cushion like standard bubble wrapping products. And, with six different air cushions to choose from, you can customize packaging for virtually everything that you ship! The MINI PAKR air cushion machine offers small businesses similar advantages that have long been enjoyed by large retail and industrial shippers.


Save money, protect fragile items and eliminate storage issues related to packing materials with the MINI PAKR air cushion machine.


The MINI PAKR, which sells for $1,799 plus shipping and handling, can be purchased online at or by calling 1-888-MINIPKR (1-888-646-4757). Call or log on today for more information.