With an eye towards helping companies reduce mail processing costs and enhance the productivity of their mailing operations, Hasler has introduced a line of automatic letter openers designed to quickly and efficiently open your incoming mail.

The OP101, OP160 and OP170 open envelopes at speeds ranging from 18,000 to 40,000 per hour - 30 to 60 times faster than by hand. And while mixed mail was once a time stopper due to the need to sort envelopes by size and types, the Hasler line of letter openers help you eliminate this tedious and time consuming task. Your mail requires no pre-sorting, since the units can open a wide variety of envelope sizes and thicknesses - up to 1/3" thick, including 9" x 12" flats. Simply place a stack of mixed mail on the feeder and the Hasler systems open it for you.

Utilizing special milling cutter technology, three of the Hasler models, the OP160 and OP170, remove up to 1/18" of the envelope edge, protecting the contents from being cut or damaged. The envelope opening will have a soft and feathered edge, which prevents paper cuts and provides easy access to the contents. That means no more accidental cutting of valuable incoming mail documents. These models also come with optional variable speed control and an optional counter to track the number of mail pieces, giving you maximum control over the processing of incoming mail. Made of durable steel and using the highest quality components, all the Hasler machines are designed for reliability and longevity.

Today’s fast-paced office environment requires mailing operations to be as intelligent as the rest of your business. More than ever you need a total solution that provides the capabilities to meet all your demands, while giving you control and transparency of every mail-related function. Hasler’s line of automatic letter openers will dramatically increase office efficiency by allowing you to operate at peak performance.