Aug. 28 2007 04:37 PM

RFID Label Printer Applicator

Increase productivity and label placement accuracy by printing and automatically applying RFID or barcode labels on demand. Image-Teks printer applicators operate 24/7 and save money by eliminating the expensive task of applying labels to products by hand. The variable height
detection feature reaches up to 30, automatically senses the product, quickly applies the label and returns. Designed to meet the needs of todays Barcode and RFID market, the ApplyPro OEM is all electric, thereby reducing installation costs (no pneumatic lines), and has greater dependability via component modularity. Built around proven PCM Image-Tek ApplyPro technology, the ApplyPro OEM incorporates all brands of modular print engines. This fully featured, state of the art, all-electric printer applicator applies labels to products and odd shapes presented at almost any angle.           





Loftware Connector

How long does IT take to develop, test and implement a new application code to address changes in label printing requirements in your ERP, SCM or WMS system? Many
enterprises invest heavily in SAP, Oracle and other applications to centralize customer and supplier information. Changing even simple print instructions if the print instructions are hard-coded is time consuming and can quickly become expensive. However, Loftware Connector serves as your freeway between enterprise applications and label printers. It is easily integrated into your
existing environment of mission-critical applications. The Loftware Connector manages the business logic required to enable your applications to print requests to the right printer, the right way. Changes are implemented without programming. The Loftware Connector assembles required label information from multiple corporate data sources to ensure that each label is accurate and complete and then speeds this data in the correct label format to the desired target printer.





Posi-Lock Dock Leveler

Pentalift Equipment Corporation introduces its Posi-lock lip, which is designed to put dock attendants in safe control of the dock leveler operation. Conventional lip operators extend the lip and then allow gravity to begin to lower as soon as the lip has been extended. In many cases, the dock leveler lip will fall too quickly, causing the lip to miss the back of the trailer and compromising safety by allowing the dock leveler lip to get jammed or caught between the trailer bed and the loading dock before the lip gets fully extended onto the back of the trailer. The Pentalift Posi-lock lip is designed to lock into place when the leveler is raised to the extended position, always allowing the dock attendant to deploy the dock leveler in a smooth and controlled manner. Once properly positioned onto the back of the trailer, the lip will automatically release, allowing it to fall to the pendant
position when the trailer pulls away. The Posi-locks patented front compression spring design allows the lip to be completely yieldable due to impacts from approaching trucks/trailers. The design also protects the lip operator from damage associated with the dock attendant not properly retracting the safety legs to service below-dock trailers.


Innovative Equipment Monitors

ShockWatch announces the release of ShockWatch StartManager, the newest addition to its line of equipment monitors. This device restricts equipment access to trained, authorized operators and is revolutionary in its ability to work not only on rolling stock but also on stationary tools and machines. Data transfer through an easy-to-use access key provides supervisors with usage and access reports for easy management of safety training programs and equipment utilization information. Optional StartManager software allows for paperless tracking of who has accessed each piece of equipment. By preventing untrained and unauthorized personnel from using specified pieces of equipment, ShockWatch StartManager can prevent injury and damage-related costs due to unauthorized access. Even if minor damage occurs during equipment use by authorized personnel, StartManager usage reports allow management to determine accountability and respond promptly with necessary repairs or corrective action. StartManager also supports OSHA regulation compliance by providing a record of operator access and utilization data. When used as part of a safety and training program, StartManagers monitoring and recording capabilities can help companies dramatically improve overall workplace safety. ShockWatch Equipment Monitors and Shipping & Handling Monitors are used in thousands of applications in a wide variety of industries, including logistics, automotive, medical and manufacturing. ShockWatch Equipment Monitors, including StartManager, can be used on forklifts and other material handling equipment, fleet vehicles and a wide range of other equipment.


MINI PAKR Air Cushion Machine 

FP Internationals new MINI PAKR Air Cushion Machine inflates six different films, producing air cushions, bubble and void fill as needed while eliminating the handling and storage of traditional bubble and loose fill packaging. Its easy to operate since the 13-pound machine reads an RFID tag in the film roll and automatically sets the air fill amount and seal temperature. Simply select one of the six MINI PAKR film choices, load the film and make cushioning. The MINI PAKR machine offers the small shipper the advantages long-enjoyed by large industrial shippers, superior product protection, ease of operation and cost savings. The MINI PAKR machines film choices offer the superior cushioning protection of NOVUS films and the reliable void fill of CELL-O films.


Distance Indicator

Every time a truck backs up, the dock and the truck itself is at risk of damage if the distance to make contact is misestimated. To save these costs, M.S. Foster & Associates, Inc. introduces the TEACO Truck Dock Park Assistant (Model DOCK-16), which provides a read-out of the distance in feet to the dock or other parking spots. The five-inch-high, bright, LED numbers are easily visible at night, in fog or other low light conditions; saving docks and fleets thousands of dollars in repair costs and downtime. The indicator is equipped with either one or two ultrasonic sensors that mount below the lift gate on loading docks or at other locations to sense the rear of the truck as it approaches. The sensors can pick up the truck within 16 feet. Docks having the TEACO DOCK-16 make it easy on the driver, eliminating the need to strain the neck and back by turning the head as the truck nears the dock. The site can set up the indicator to read in reverse, or if desired, the number panel can be turned around and be right-reading. To allow for protrusions, the TEACO TRUCK-16 indicator has an up to three foot offset adjustment. If, for example, a dock wall has a bumper extending six inches out into the driveway the read-out goes to zero when the truck is detected six inches from the wall. Installation is easy, and the TEACO DOCK-16 indicator can be powered directly by building electrical power or interfaces with all brands of dock control boxes through a coaxial cable. The 7 1/8 square box is 2 3/8 deep and has a water-resistant NEMA-4 rated enclosure. M.S. Foster covers the indicator with a one-year warranty.





Reusable Return Envelope

DHL has introduced an environmentally friendly, reusable envelope for customers that ship and return legal-size documents. DHLs reusable legal envelope can be filled with up to eight ounces of material and has a built-in closure mechanism that allows it to be re-sealed and used twice. Business shippers requiring a signed or completed legal contract or application by another party can now reduce materials and waste by using a reusable shipping envelope. The envelope also features two separate tear off strips and associated glue strips so users can be assured the package contents are secure for two trips. The new reusable envelope may be used with DHLs return labeling solutions shippers can create and include the return label in the outbound shipment. These preprinted return labels or EZ Return labels can be ordered directly from DHL or created from DHLs EasyShip system. The receiver of the shipment may also reuse the envelope with a standard DHL waybill.