May 30 2008 03:59 PM

Green Mountain Consulting, LLC is a Memphis-based company established in 1998 by former FedEx developers in the area of carrier EDI automation and billing operations.  The GMC partners and employees have over 300 years collectively working directly for small parcel carriers.




Today, the Green Mountain Consulting (GMC) value proposition is tailored to deliver customized solutions to high volume small package shippers.  Our services offer customized levels of support in negotiation of a world class parcel agreement, strategic execution of your parcel network, to the technical resources required to establish industry best practices for parcel invoice audit, accounting, and payment. 



Green Mountain's audit and payment services establish EDI invoicing with your parcel, LTL, TL, freight forwarders, and other carriers, providing comprehensive automation of accounts payable functions including carrier audit and credit resolution, cost center allocation, and payment. Green Mountain's automated processes delivers all information via our website in electronic format and provides our clients with web access to detailed shipment, payment, and accounting information in a database environment.  Our freight audit and payment services value proposition is centered on three key deliverables to our customers.



Green Mountain Consulting information management capabilities give our customers the visibility to efficiently and effectively manage carrier spend throughout their organization. We store the EDI invoicing feeds and scan data feeds we receive from our carrier partners on behalf of our customers in a database environment. We then format this data into meaningful reporting that translates into major bottom line savings and serves as the foundation to monitor and control costs throughout the enterprise on an ongoing basis.



Green Mountain Consulting automates our customers processes for receiving and paying carrier invoices, reducing the labor spent in this area by 95% or more. Green Mountain Consulting establishes and maintains electronic invoicing with your carriers and provides comprehensive automation and management of the entire invoice delivery and payment process including all related accounts payable functions such as cost center allocation, cost center level reporting, and general ledger entry.



Green Mountain Consulting has developed unique processes with each of our carrier partners to reconcile with the carrier for any savings uncovered in the audit process as carrier approved credits. This carrier friendly approach allows the carrier to approve any credits Green Mountain Consulting is passing to your company as savings from the audit process and perform the necessary invoice adjustment on the front end, delivering your company a clean net bill.



GMC Consulting Services partner with our clients to lower shipping costs, improve service levels, and optimize network performance.  Our unique approach is designed to align our services with the strategic objectives and situational needs of our clients, creating the Perfect Partnership.


GMC Consultants are transportation and supply chain experts with an average of 12 years experience within the healthcare, parcel carrier, high-tech, and retail industries.  Our team specializes in parcel carrier negotiations, network optimization and 3PL provider selection while maintaining relationships with industrial real estate firms, 3PL Logistics providers, parcel carriers, and other consulting firms.


GMC helps customers navigate through a variety of supply chain situations including:

  • Selecting a new parcel carrier
  • Negotiating a new parcel contract
  • Evaluating and implementing a new business model
  • Selecting a 3PL to support a new distribution channel
  • Identifying the cost and service impact of adding or eliminating a distribution location
  • Identifying Logistics Spend reduction opportunities
  • Identifying Service Level Improvement opportunities


Our Consulting Team engages each client by employing a five-step process, called BASICs.  The BASICs process ensures that our solutions are tailored to support a clients strategic objectives, both immediate and long-term.  Clients are able to review proposed solutions before contractually engaging GMC.