Companies today expect quick, easy and cost-effective shipping solutions. And carrier pickup fits the bill. Customers can notify the local post office of pre-paid packages that will be available for pickup at the time of the next days normal mail delivery. It is not always practical for shippers to make trips to the post office to mail packages and many were looking for a convenient cost-effective alternative. Carrier pickup is that alternative. Customers have always been able to hand pre-paid packages to their carriers at no charge or schedule a pickup for $12.50. With the new online notification option, customers can notify their local post office of packages to be picked up and can leave them at a specified location. Because the pre-paid packages are available for the carrier at the time of normal mail delivery, there is no charge.


Carrier pickup notification is available at and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can use it to let your carrier know that you are going to leave a package at your side door, or concierge desk, or on the way to work; you can send important business documents and packages from your home office. Whatever your needs, carrier pickup works for you.


Think of it as an electronic flag for packages. The customer submits notification though by 2 AM (CST) on the scheduled delivery day. The requested packages are picked up by the carrier and he leaves a confirmation notice letting the customer know how many packages were picked up.


Carrier pickup online notification is limited to pre-paid properly addressed and prepared Express Mail and Priority Mail packages that meet Postal Service mailing standards. Parcel Post and International packages can be picked up when combined with Express Mail or Priority Mail for pickup. International packages must be presented to the carrier face-to-face.


Postage can be pre-paid with postage stamps, postage meter imprint, online PC Postage, online Click-N-Ship labels with postage or by using a pre-paid Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope. If stamps are used for postage on a flat or parcel weighing 16 ounces or more, the sender must be known by the letter carrier to reside or do business at the point of pickup. Additionally, the return address on the mail must match the point of pickup. Packages that are improperly prepared, do not have postage or contain perishable or hazardous materials are not eligible for carrier pickup.


Carrier pickup is important to our customers because it saves time by reducing trips to the post office, says Nicholas Barranca, USPS vice president for New Product Development. Our new online notification option leverages our vast delivery and retail presence to provide exceptional value and convenience to our customers.


The Postal Services carriers have always picked up outgoing mail. Todays computer technology simply makes it more convenient. Online carrier pickup notification supports the ways in which we are using technology to enhance the value of mail through programs like Click-N-Ship, Returns Services and the eBay alliance, adds Barranca.


Delivering to every home in the country gives USPS the ultimate in home-field advantage. Combining carrier pickup with our online services means convenience for our customers that other delivery companies cant provide.


Heres how it works:

Go to

Follow the prompts to submit your request for pickup


Carrier pickup FAQs

Q. What is carrier pickup?

A. Online notification of carrier pickup lets you conveniently request a package pickup at your home or office through the Internet. Pickup is provided the next postal delivery day by your carrier when he or she delivers your mail.


This online notification option is available for sending packages and returning merchandise using the following domestic services:

Express Mail

Priority Mail


Q. How is online notification of carrier pickup different from Pick up on Demand?

A. Pick up on Demand is perfect for those time-sensitive situations when you need your packages picked up on a specific date in a specific timeframe. This service costs $12.50 per pickup, regardless of the number of packages. Carrier pickup offers next day pickup at the same time your mail is delivered by your carrier. There is no cost when your carrier does not need to make a special trip to pick up your packages.


Q. Can I leave money for postage with my packages?

A. No. Sufficient postage must be properly applied to your package(s) prior to the pickup. You can purchase postage online using Click-N-Ship, PC Postage or postage meters. If you are using stamps on a package weighing 16 ounces or more, you must be known by your carrier and the return address on each mailpiece must match the point of pickup. This is in compliance with Postal regulations.


Q. What types of packages can I have picked up at my home or business?

A. Your carrier has always picked up many types of mail, including Express Mail, Priority Mail and Parcel Post. You can now use online notification to alert the carrier of a pickup, for the following domestic services:

Express Mail

Priority Mail


Parcel Post, Parcel Return Services and International packages may also be picked up when combined with Express Mail or Priority Mail online requests for pickup (See FAQ below for more information on International Mail acceptance).


Q. Are there limitations to what can be picked up?

A. Yes. Hazardous materials must meet all packaging, labeling and other USPS mailability standards in DMM C023 or IMM 135 as applicable. This includes items that contain anything fragile without proper packaging or liquid items. Additionally, individual items cannot exceed:

70 pounds

108 inches in total length and girth


For more detailed information about what can be mailed, customers should reference the Domestic Mail Manual, which is available online at If your mailpiece weighs 16 ounces or more and you use stamps for postage, it may only be picked up from your residence or place of business. Additionally, it must bear that return address.


Q. Do I need to be present when my packages are picked up?

A. If your items are properly prepared for pickup and left in a · safe location for the carrier, you do not need to be present. However, if your mailpiece weighs 16 ounces or more and you use stamps as postage, it may only be picked up from your residence or place of business. Additionally, it must bear that return address.


Q. Are there special requirements for International Mail?

A. Yes, International Mail may require customs forms in addition to postage. Most International Mail must be personally presented to a USPS employee. Customers using Global Express Mail with payment from an Express Mail Corporate Account are exempt from the face-to-face requirement.


Q. How can I obtain supplies for mailing packages?

A. You can get supplies online at


Q. Can I print labels and postage via the Internet?

A. Yes you can. Go to and click on the Click-N-Ship Web page to print shipping labels with postage for Express Mail and Priority Mail service. Or choose the PC Postage Web page. There you can find links to software vendors to set up personal postage printing for all mail classes (except Periodicals) from your computer.


Q. Can I access postage rates and other pertinent information online?

A. Yes you can. Postage rates are available using the online Rate Calculator at Other shipping information is available throughout


Q. Can I request a pickup on a holiday or weekend?

A. You can submit your online request on a holiday or weekend. However, the pickup will occur on the next delivery day. For example, online requests made on Saturday afternoons will be accepted for Monday pickup, unless Monday is a postal holiday.


Q. How do I know if my carrier successfully picked up my package?

A. If you used online notification, your carrier will leave a pickup notification at the pickup location. This notice will confirm that the package was successfully picked up. If the package was not collected, the notice will detail why.


Q. How do I contact the USPS if I have a question about my pickup request?

A. For questions about your online carrier pickup request, contact your local post office (phone numbers are listed on


Q. Will my carrier pick up my Parcel Post, Media Mail, Library Mail, International Mail, Parcel Return Services packages or Bound Printed Matter packages if I am also mailing a Priority Mail or Express Mail package and have used the online notification option?

A. If you have requested a pickup for either Express Mail or Priority Mail, your carrier will pick up these other packages as well.


Q. Can I modify or cancel my online carrier pickup request?

A. Yes you can.


To change or cancel a carrier pickup request, follow these steps online:

Go to the carrier pickup Web page.

Follow the prompts.

Input your carrier pickup confirmation number, address and ZIP Code.

You can change or cancel a request any time before

   2 AM CST on the requested pickup date.


Q. Can I arrange for a scheduled carrier pickup (daily, weekly, monthly) online?

A. No, not at this time. Currently, online notification of carrier pickup is available only for the next postal delivery day, although other scheduling options may be available in the future.


Q. I didnt receive a pickup confirmation notice. What should I do?

A. Check with your carrier or contact your local post office.


Q. Can I track or confirm the delivery status of picked up packages online?

A. Yes. Delivery status is available for Express Mail items or packages that include Delivery Confirmation or Signature Confirmation.


Once your packages are entered into our system you can visit Track & Confirm on


Q. What are the valid methods to pre-pay postage?

A. Postage can be pre-paid with postage stamps (provided the pickup point is your residence or place of business and the return address matches the address where the pickup occurs), postage meter imprint, online PC Postage, online Click-N-Ship labels with postage or by using a pre-paid Priority Mail Flat-Rate envelope. However, if your mailpiece weighs 16 ounces or more, and you use stamps as postage, it may only be picked up from your residence or place of business. Additionally, it must bear that return address.