Dec. 6 2012
By now, most of you may have read about the agreement in late June 2012 between Sealed Air Corporation and Ecovative Design. Ecovative is the brainchild of Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre, and they make... View More
Aug. 7 2012
Trade publications like this one are full of great information for the trade to which they cater. Sometimes all that information needs to be put in a box and left on the table for awhile so you can put... View More
April 10 2012
One of my pet peeves is the improper sealing of packages, so this article on the topic of package sealing is one that I wish everybody in the shipping industry would read. As someone who is on the delivery... View More
Feb. 8 2012
The company for which I work does not really have any special shipping needs. We do not ship anything that is temperature-sensitive; hazmat materials rarely enter the equation; and we don’t ship... View More
Dec. 9 2011
As they say, it’s been great. I have sincerely appreciated the opportunity to contribute to PARCEL for over a year and this makes my tenth issue I have written for. I have received some interesting... View More
Sept. 26 2011
“It’s the last thing on your mind but the first thing your customer sees” is a line our marketing manager came up with some time ago to communicate the importance of secondary packaging. ... View More
Aug. 22 2011
Oversized shipping charges can prove very costly in dollars and even in terms of customers, especially when they are unexpected. On our own e-commerce site, we try to bundle products together in an effort... View More
June 13 2011
This may be unexpected coming from a guy who sells boxes for a living, but I am the first to admit sometimes the best shipping container is not a box. Even though corrugated die cut mailers and RSC style... View More
Feb. 2 2011
Long before plastic, corrugated or paper board were invented, most everything shipped in boxes made of wood. Those handcrafted crates were valuable and expensive, so they were reused many times until the... View More
Dec. 6 2010
In the May issue of PARCEL, I wrote about corrugated boxes and the different types and varying percentage of recycled content they may contain. I made two statements that are worth repeating: • The... View More
Sept. 21 2010
Anyone who knows me has undoubtedly heard me rant about foam peanuts, even the relatively new breed of “green” peanuts that are promoted as eco-friendly. Those biodegradable peanuts are usually... View More
June 18 2010
For the last three years out of my 35-year career in packaging, I have focused on green, eco-friendly products. This market is new and exciting; however, sustainability in packaging is not without confusion... View More
Oct. 8 2009
In the first part of this article, which appeared in the July-August digital-only issue, I went through the basic BI (Business Intelligence) tools that one can utilize to increase efficiency and reduce... View More
Aug. 26 2009
In order to be effective, data must be strategic, accurate, and collected and analyzed regularly in a format that is readily understood. In this two-part series, we will examine some of the types of information... View More
June 29 2009
On a recent carrier contract review with a client, I was trying to explain how their packages were getting shipping charge corrections due to dimensional weight issues. The client responded by explaining... View More
March 30 2009
In last month’s article, I touched upon a couple points on saving opportunities in parcel packaging. In this article, I’ll try to list some of the most commonly used cushioning and void fill... View More
Feb. 9 2009
Is Packaging That Important? Packaging is an often overlooked aspect of total transportation cost management. The balance between labor, packaging material cost and transportation cost is unique for each... View More