Jan. 23 2019
Online shops should stop looking at shipping as an expense and instead view it as a way of attracting customers. It is a fact that online shoppers check out an e-commerce merchant's delivery and return
Aug. 7 2017
In part one of this series, we covered the many factors that are creating new challenges for inbound parcel management. First is the dramatic increase in the volume of inbound parcels that organizations
Nov. 25 2008
“FedEx and UPS are both excellent companies with outstanding service. Their express service is backed by a guarantee (unless you foolishly signed it away for an extra point of incentive), which promises... View More
Nov. 12 2008
When a product shipment heads out the door, many would assume the direct retailer could simply book the profit and move on to the next item for sale. But those in the shipping and retail industries have... View More
Feb. 18 2007
In our last issue, we suggested you perform an in-depth discovery to identify and document what vendor shipments are causing extra time to process in receiving. In addition to identifying these time wasters... View More
Feb. 16 2007
If your operation is to succeed, it is critical to embark on a fact-finding mission to discover if receiving is a profit drain or gain in your warehouse. Part I of our series will examine how to make this... View More