If you’re like most shippers, you feel your FedEx and UPS discounts are good, but very likely improvable.

But how can you know if they’re great – or terrible – if you can’t benchmark them against other shippers? After all, FedEx and UPS don’t allow you to disclose your discounts.

Good news: the stars aligned in Chicago during the 2022 PARCEL Forum to provide you with answers.

Exclusively for the PARCEL Forum, Shipware conducted a live parcel pricing and benchmarking survey. Dozens of shippers of varying sizes and industries responded in real time to questions about their parcel usage, carrier preferences, cost reduction strategies, and other valuable benchmarking data. (Parcel pricing agreements were not shared due to confidentiality. Participating shippers responded anonymously to the questions based on ranges, and thanks to technology-enabled polling, the results were totally blinded to avoid confidentiality concerns.)

Now the results are in and coming soon in a can’t-miss, two-part series.

Part One will cover survey demographics, shipper sentiments around pricing, and procurement practices. Part Two will cover actual pricing/discount benchmarks, as well as several miscellaneous categories like Amazon, the potential for a UPS strike, service performance, and more.

Look for Part One in the March/April edition of PARCEL and start to better understand how your procurement practices really stack up, and what strategies you might want to start considering in 2023 and beyond.