Every year, it's interesting to look back and see what topics our readers were most interested in. We hope you enjoy this recap of the top 10 most-read pieces on our site.

10. 5 Supply Chain Strategies to Meet Changing Customer Demand

By Charles Richard

In the e-commerce era, where expectations regarding fulfillment and delivery time are getting more and more rigid, these strategies can help you optimize your operation.

9. 7 Inefficiencies That Could Be Slowing Down Your Supply Chain

By Jessica Wurst

Everyone is looking to optimize their supply chain operations, and this look at seven inefficiencies that could be slowing you down was a valuable peek into how to improve the supply chain.

8. Dimensional Weight and Your Parcel Costs

By Dave Sullivan

Dimensional weight charges have been a pain in shippers' side since they were first implemented; this piece on how DIM weight impacts parcel costs struck a chord with our readers.

7. F.O.B. Origin or F.O.B. Destination: What Is the Difference?

By Brent Wm. Primus, JD

Regulatory and legal definitions are always a bit difficult to decipher, which is likely why our readers found Brent's article so valuable.

6. FedEx Announces 2020 GRI

By Matt Bohn

GRI articles always capture our readers' interest, and this one was no different.

5. UPS and FedEx 2020 – Expectations and Opportunities

By Mark Taylor

As the small package industry progresses further into the future, it continues to change. UPS and FedEx have adapted and responded to the ever-evolving environment of e-commerce, which provides many opportunities for the new year.

4. UPS 2020 General Rate Increase Announced

By Baris Tasdelen

As shippers prepared for 2020, this analysis on how UPS' rate changes for 2020 would affect them proved most useful.

3. 2019 UPS and FedEx Rate Changes: A Side-by-Side Comparison

By Rebecca Lannon

An easy-to-read look at the Big Two's 2019 changes certainly piqued our readers' interest.

2. Understanding the 2019 USPS Shipping Rate Changes

By Christopher Vaughn

Shippers saw some big changes last year with respect to rates, not just from the Big Two, but from the USPS as well.

1. FedEx Surcharges and Fees You Need to Know About in 2019

By Rob Martinez

Surcharges and fees make up an ever-increasing portion of shippers' spend, so it's no surprise to us that an article of this nature was our most-read in 2019.