Our 2023 carrier satisfaction survey is here! We take a look at how readers view the carriers with respect to a variety of factors. Check it out and see how your experience compares to that of your peers. If you are curious about last year's results, you can view them here.

The number of "yes" responses are up slightly compared to last year.

Readers' perception of customer service and on-time service performance went up across the board compared to last year. Other items were a mixed bag, with some companies improving but others receiving a lower score than in 2022.

Over two-thirds of our respondents reported reaching out to their carrier rep to discuss concerns about how to handle volume growth, supply chain disruptions, etc. It's great to see shippers being so proactive!

Out of those who reached out, the number who said the carrier handled their concerns very well went up by 10 percentage points compared to last year, and the number who said the carriers didn't handle it well at all decreased even more than that. That's what we like to see!

When asked if there was enough competition in the parcel industry to keep prices low and service good, the numbers were almost identical to last year.

Needing to achieve better pricing was the overwhelmingly popular answer when asked why our readers modified their primary carriers. This is the same as last year, but the percentage amount increased from close to 29% to 44%.

Accessorial charges took the #1 spot this year when asked what our readers' biggest complaint with their primary carrier was. Last year, the biggest complaint was on-time performance.