Sept. 16 2008
· Ongoing losses make restructuring of U.S. business necessary · Proposed UPS contract... View More
Sept. 16 2008
From CEP-Research: Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN) has denied German media reports that it might fully pull out of the US express market but says further restructuring measures might be necessary if the... View More
Aug. 29 2008
The U.S. Department of Transportation will not block DHL in its attempt to hire UPS to handle its domestic air cargo. Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters informed Ohio Governor Ted Strickland... View More
Aug. 7 2008
WASHINGTON, DC Speaking to the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee here today, Tom Day, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Mail and Address Quality, said the Postal Service will be ready for mail bearing... View More
July 24 2008
The U.S. Postal Service plans to identify new, more environmentally friendly vehicle technologies that are less dependent on petroleum-based fuel sources to replace the 195,000 neighborhood delivery vehicles... View More
July 24 2008
WASHINGTON D.C. National on-time performance scores for the delivery of First-Class Mail set another new record for highest level of service during the third quarter of fiscal year 2008. National... View More
July 2 2008
WASHINGTON, DC Postmaster General John E. Potter has named Robert F. Bernstock, a corporate leader with some 30 years of executive management experience, as the president of a newly integrated product-focused... View More
June 17 2008
On June 3, PARCEL sent you an e-news alert outlining and commenting on the restructuring of DHL-USA. DHL has responded exclusively to PARCEL on the points addressed in that June 3 alert. Here are their... View More
June 11 2008
WASHINGTON, DC Hundreds of retail shipping service owners accepting letters and packages for their customers are finding that offering U.S. Postal Service products and services makes good business sense... View More
June 10 2008
DHL Express will discontinue the DHL@home product effective Sept. 1, 2008. By doing so, DHL removes a product that brings with it significant operating costs and is not aligned with our core strengths... View More
June 10 2008
Last week, the US shipping community was startled by the announcement that Deutsche Post has decided to terminate its relationship with Astar and ABX Air (the legacy DHL Airways & Airborne Express airline)... View More
June 5 2008
· New office creates greater synergy across DHLs key business functions · Global Quality Control Center... View More
June 2 2008
WASHINGTON, DC � With the right resources, it�s easy to be green. The U.S. Postal Service is offering greener choices, and an easy, online resource for consumers... View More
June 2 2008
The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) will hold a public field hearing in St. Paul, Minnesota on Thursday, June 5, 2008, at 10 a.m., to solicit views relating to the universal service obligation of the... View More
May 30 2008
Messenger services and regionalized carriers have been around for quite some time. In fact, they probably date back to before the medieval ages when some entrepreneurial lad conceived the idea of making... View More
May 29 2008
WASHINGTON, DC The U.S. Postal Service said today that the international delivery company DHL will leverage an existing agreement to give the Postal Service exclusive delivery services to the last-mile... View More
May 14 2008
ATLANTA, May 13, 2008 UPS (NYSE: UPS) today announced it has ordered 200 hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) the largest commercial order of such trucks by any company in addition to another 300 Compressed... View More
May 5 2008
WASHINGTON, DC Five U.S. Postal Service environmental initiatives have been recognized by the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive, part of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Two... View More
May 5 2008
PLANTATION, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On May 1, DHL Express U.S. employees represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters voted to ratify a new, historic national labor agreement between the Teamsters... View More
May 1 2008
The USPS has published their latest IMB Standards in the Federal Register. In May 2009, all letters and flats requiring a barcode and mailed as First-Class Mail, Periodicals, Standard Mail, and Bound Printed... View More