May 10 2021
Your company faced lots of changes over the last year. With change can also come an opportunity for you to take a deep look at your company and your parcel shipping supply chain to see where you could
May 10 2021
Whether your focus is B-to-C or B-to-B shipping, each year seems to bring more challenges to your operations, processes, and deliveries — not to mention your growing expenses! growing expenses... View More
May 10 2021
This past year brought almost every business many types of chaos and challenges — and almost all of these challenges affected your bottom line. Each year, we like to give you a number of ideas... View More
May 5 2021
Most of the datapoints that have been flashing bright red for the last few surveys started to plateau/turn a corner in FP61, including inventory levels, transport volume/price expectations etc. However,... View More
April 30 2021
It’s all about being prepared for the unexpected. The past 12 months have put a spotlight on the weaknesses of supply chains across the globe, prompting many organizations to rethink their s... View More
April 28 2021
To remain competitive, every manufacturer and business must consistently improve operational efficiency. Today, this is being achieved through the adoption and support of modern technologies �... View More
April 28 2021
The term, “A Perfect Storm” gets overused, but it would truly be the best description for the USPS in 2020. It’s no secret the organization was already struggling with debt and aging... View More
April 26 2021
Parcel shipping growth exploded in 2020 due to huge increases in e-commerce sales and has become a critical part of shippers’ overall supply chain strategies. In 2020, total e-commerce sales were... View More
April 23 2021
If you ever find yourself frustrated by dealing with returns, you’re not alone – over 75% of consumers feel returns are the most painful part of buying online. Of course, we know... View More
April 21 2021
In this column, we usually discuss laws and regulations affecting parcel shippers that are already in effect. In this installment of PARCEL Counsel, we will take a look at some pending changes... View More
April 19 2021
This was the year that supply chain and logistics went from being a conversation among industry professionals and insiders, to a topic of discussion at the dinner table. The pandemic made it v... View More
April 16 2021
Growing consumer awareness of packaging waste — and especially the impact of single-use — is driving a kind of sustainability revolution in the packaging industry. More often, consumers... View More
April 14 2021
2020 was an unprecedented year for the retail industry. Prior to the pandemic, retailers were already struggling with rising e-commerce sales, bankruptcies and store closures, which were only... View More
April 12 2021
In a previous article (“To 3PL, or Not to 3PL?”, in the January/February 2020 issue of PARCEL) I wrote about some of the high-level pros and cons of outsourcing your logistics operations... View More
April 9 2021
In March of 2020, both UPS and FedEx suspended their money back service guarantee due to the impact from COVID-19. It was stated that the unprecedented complexities and the daily issuance of work and... View More
April 6 2021
We are all currently feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic – a crisis that has completely changed the way we interact, view, and engage with day-to-day life. Over 75% of companies have... View More
March 30 2021
Preparing your international shipments to ensure they are on-time and penalty-free can feel overwhelming. That’s understandable—there’s quite a bit that needs to get done in order... View More
March 26 2021
Poorly managed warehouses can become prohibitively costly. Fortunately, there are some straightforward ways you can apply better supply chain management strategies to cut expenses and enjoy sm... View More
March 24 2021
Warehouse Execution Software (WES) has gained in popularity and sophistication in recent years due to its ability to create efficiencies, solve specific user business requirements, and its cos... View More
March 24 2021
Crowd-sourced last-mile providers such as Roadie, Shipt, Instacart, and DoorDash became household names during the pandemic by delivering groceries to consumers who remained at home due to COV... View More