July 6 2017
“Amazon doesn’t talk about what they’re doing - they just do it,” says Markus Ellenbeck, head of StartupLogistics, LLC in Austin, Texas. Judging by the progress Amazon has made... View More
June 25 2017
Well, it happened. Just as we predicted during our presentation at last year’s Parcel Forum, a major carrier has finally imposed a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) for 2017. UPS’s announcement... View More
June 22 2017
In a previous article, I referenced business intelligence and its importance in managing small parcel supply chains. It wasn’t merely for the sake of audit and service recovery, but for the sake... View More
June 21 2017
In 2016, nearly half -- 43 percent -- of all online retail sales in the US went through Amazon, thus fueling industry demand for two-day shipping. This growth in e-commerce has contrib... View More
June 14 2017
Bulk parcel flow requires singulation (i.e., each parcel is uniformly separated, spaced, and aligned) before entering a downstream automated sorting system. In the post and parcel industry, effi... View More
rock climbing
June 12 2017
Many supply chains have been struggling to control costs and maintain budgets under the new dimensional (DIM) calculations put in place by FedEx and UPS. Those changes, introduced as part of the... View More
June 9 2017
Each organization is unique in the products they carry, where their customer base is located, what their customer expectations are for lead times, and how they ship their products to their custo... View More
June 9 2017
Editor's Note: This originally appeared in the May/June issue of our sister publication, Mailing Systems Technology, but as more shippers are including the USPS in their carrier mix, we thought this... View More
June 8 2017
As the population ages and regulatory requirements increase, a recent study by Deloitte forecasts global health care spend to reach $8.7 trillion by 2020. The logistics behind this spend are cos... View More
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June 7 2017
Twenty years ago at this time, Seinfeld aired its famous “yada yada yada” episode — and all of us gained a new catchphrase for how easy it can be to skip over or miss crucial elements... View More
June 6 2017
In many past installments of PARCEL Counsel, we have focused on a carrier’s liability for loss and damage to cargo. However, in this issue, we will look at how improper packaging, loading, blo... View More
June 5 2017
The subject of warehouse management systems (WMS) is something that should be evaluated by every DC operations team, every year. The IT team should be involved, but more importantly, it’s the... View More
May 31 2017
There has been a lot in the news recently about the expanded use of robots. How would robots work in the parcel business? The real answer is that technology is already a key driver for productiv... View More
May 31 2017
Opdimizer Is The First Defense Against Increasing Dim Charges Increasingly, the gap is widening between what shippers expect to pay for parcels and the charges they are surprised to find on thei... View More
May 31 2017
As part of their 2017 rate changes, UPS and FedEx have changed the way they calculate fuel surcharge as of February 6. Instead of calculating based on the monthly jet fuel average price two mont... View More
May 30 2017
Far too often, parcel intelligence reporting is underused — if used at all — by even the highest-volume parcel shippers. Shippers tell me they know their shipping costs because they ca... View More
May 25 2017
Up in the sky, a cloud can obscure the light of the sun, darkening one’s view. Down here in our digital world, it’s just the opposite — the cloud can shed light on information that has... View More
May 25 2017
Managing shipping costs is a key to any e-commerce business, yet many merchants fail to use the full set of options at their disposal. Most retailers understand that a customer isn’t just buyi... View More
May 25 2017
Though larger retail stores are currently experiencing major ebbs and flows, the world of e-commerce is on the rise. As a matter of fact, there has been a 23% year-over-year growth in e-commerce sales
May 23 2017
Editor's Note: This originally appeared in our sister publication, Mailing Systems Technology. But with the rise in packages being delivered by the USPS, we thought it was fitting for our PARCEL read... View More