Oct. 27 2015
One of the most common challenges I hear from volume parcel shippers is that they don’t know how good – or bad – are the incentives, terms and structure of their carrier pricing agreemen
Oct. 23 2015
UPS announced 2016 rates.UPS is merging the Daily and Standard rate sheets and, with the exception of 3-day and Next Day AM services, the 2016 UPS Daily rates are identical to FedEx Standard rat... View More
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Oct. 13 2015
We've all had this happen - we get a great coupon for a product we love. Almost free! Who can pass that up? Then we read the fine print - only valid on this product, on this day, during this hour. Gotcha!... View More
June 18 2015
With so much focus on the recent changes to dimensional weight logic we want to be sure we do not overlook an equally impactful area concerning actual versus billed weights — Minimum Billable Weight... View More
April 29 2015
Expectations have been set that FedEx and UPS will raise Ground rates on an annual basis. This year, however, rate increases have a stronger punch especially when considering additional changes, which... View More
Aug. 22 2013
It may appear odd to bring up the topic of preparing for the holiday peak season when we are so far away from the traditional peak shipping period. In order to make impactful changes though, one needs... View More