June 14 2024
Explaining the importance of a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be tricky to those who don’t have familiarization with parcel shipping and logistics terminology - more so when it’s your own
June 6 2024
Parcel spend management of course is not a new concept. Shippers have always looked for ways to lower their costs, toiling over ledgers and spreadsheets in an effort to find opportunities for sa... View More
May 3 2024
Imagine a company regularly shipping goods using various carriers to fulfill customer orders. The company doesn't regularly audit its freight bills despite negotiating contracts with specific... View More
March 6 2024
Over the past few years, I have seen, among business leaders, a growing realization of the dramatic impact that parcel shipping operations, acumen, and performance have on overall business suc... View More
Dec. 21 2023
At 5.9%, the 2024 general rate increases introduced by FedEx and UPS represent a significant added outlay only eclipsed by last year’s record-breaking increase, but shippers are now in a far... View More
Dec. 14 2023
General Ledger (GL) coding and order matching are critical components in the realm of parcel shipping, offering a systematic approach to financial compliance and governance in order processing... View More
May 25 2023
Parcel rates keep going up. Shippers like you know that at the beginning of 2023, small parcel list rates went up about 7% for FedEx and UPS, but that is not the whole story. You may feel li... View More
May 11 2023
With shippers still reeling from high costs incurred during the pandemic and its aftermath, businesses are setting aggressive cost-reduction goals for their logistics operations. General rate... View More
April 12 2023
Now that the carriers’ GRIs are in effect and 2023 is well underway, it’s a good time for companies to evaluate their small parcel shipping costs. Here are three tips for what companies can... View More
Jan. 19 2023
It’s been nearly 35 years since FedEx transitioned to EDI billing, and not a single shipper today would accept what was a standard FedEx or UPS parcel invoice prior to 1990. Imagine a paper... View More
July 28 2021
From the detailed rate tables and opaque service agreements to all the different delivery options, small parcel shipping is complex. Add to that annual general rate increases, peak season surc... View More
May 26 2021
“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein While Einstein was not describing shippers’ approach to parcel carrier sourcing,... View More
May 10 2021
This past year brought almost every business many types of chaos and challenges — and almost all of these challenges affected your bottom line. Each year, we like to give you a number of ideas... View More
Jan. 4 2021
Each year, parcel shippers get the unique privilege of certainty – certainty that their shipping costs will go up. This expectation is dutifully met by UPS and FedEx each year with General R... View More
Oct. 12 2020
If you manage a parcel expense budget, 2020 has likely left you searching for answers, often landing on a Magic 8-Ball response of “Ask again later.” Unfortunately, parcel expense manageme
Sept. 1 2020
Earlier in the summer, Voxware conducted a survey that predicts a further demand increase for the holiday season. Over half the respondents plan to start shopping earlier, in comparison to yea... View More
May 28 2020
With all but essential stores closed in many parts of the country, e-commerce sales have increased, particularly for items people can use in their homes, such as games, sports, and fitness equ... View More
April 16 2020
Today’s UPS and FedEx contracts are more complicated and difficult to negotiate than ever before. Before we address the major issues affecting your carrier contracts and how you can success... View More
April 14 2020
The small-parcel market just continues to grow, and this growth can present new challenges and opportunities for shippers. Navigating the ever-increasing number of surcharges and fees while simultaneo
April 8 2020
So much attention is paid to understanding the complexities of carrier agreements that companies, especially resource-constrained small and midsized businesses, often overlook simple best prac... View More